2015 Draft Dates

Hey all! I hope you are enjoying your off-season.

I wanted to start working on dates in the summer for our draft, so that the maximum number of people can be there in person. It’s more fun that way. Throwing a party and all that.

The NFL draft this year is April 30-May 2nd
Preseason games could run anywhere Aug. 9 - Sept. 3

Please mark your availability for when you COULD be in Santa Barbara for the draft. Then mark your PREFERRED time to have the draft. Let’s mark dates for July 1-Sept. 6.

I am not available July 10 & 11
Aside from that weekend, I anticipate being free any Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday evening we lock down in advance.
If it has to be a weekday, it cannot be a Monday night.

I would prefer to draft around the middle of August.
I would also like to note Mike Stock’s birthday is the 4th of September

I have no dates that work. Sorry lads. I could have done the weekend of may 31 though

Expect to see Senior Draft Correspondent Alex Johnson in full fashion for the event regardless of time/date however.

I can do any date from 7/1-9/6. I would prefer to do it as close to the start of the regular season as possible to minimize acquisitions due to off season player shuffling. Something like 1/2 way through the preseason games would be good.

Also, let’s wear suits again!!

Sorry for the super late response. I don’t know of any dates that don’t work. I will be leaving town for a few days at some point in the summer, but don’t know when yet. So count me down for any date as of now.

Stoked for the Draft on 8/8!!! Trophy being quoted now.