2022 Preseason Rankings

Alright, my guys, no more waiting. The NFL is in preseason and here are the first preseason rankings of the year. I’m gonna also show how I rank each positional group per team (for the 2022 season, not dynasty ranks.) These ranks will take depth into account, but weighted towards starters and star power. The overall ranks will weigh positions with multiple starters (RB/WR) higher than those with just 1 starter so someone with a higher average ranking may be ranked lower than someone with a lower average ranking. I also combined D/ST and K into 1 group which will cause those to be weighted way less than other positions. This is due to kickers and D/ST being the most likely to change throughout the season with waiver pickups. So take that ranking with a giant grain of salt. Okay enough talking for this part already, I’ll try to save my words for the individual write ups, so let’s get started!

1. @ianamunrud Ian Amunrud:
QB Rank: 5
Rodgers without Davante and Burrow are the names to watch here. Solid depth, but too early to put Burrow in the elite category. Should both be QB1s so sits at a solid rank 5 here.
RB Rank: 1
Dalvin, Henry are league winners when healthy. The depth of Javonte, Eli, and JK help take this team to the top spot here.
WR Rank: 1
Chase year 2 will be something to watch here, but I’m (definitely not biased here) buying a repeat of the rookie suceess. Along with Diggs, Tyreek, and AJ Brown. This corps is elite. The change of scenery is also something to watch for tyreek and AJ, but talent should win out there.
TE Rank: 4
Kittle and Schultz should both be top TE options. Only ranked 4th because of Kittle’s recent injuries.
D/ST/K Rank: 1
Honestly, D/ST and K is wildcard so I’m going off gut instincts for this section and my gut is super biased, deal with it. I got the hilarious Evan McPherson, Bucs and Niners D/ST. All should be solid and the combo is good enough for me to give it 1st.
Average Rank: 2.4
This team is solid throughout all positions and is looking to be the first ever threepeat The Jackman has seen. Anything can happen, but this team is looking to be a scary matchup week in and week out, despite having only 1 rookie drafted this year.

2. @IanC Ian Charbonnet:
QB Rank: 3
Lamar and Dak attack, baby! One of those two will be elite, if not both. I should make a joke about choosing the wrong one each time, but I’m honestly scared of this team, so I don’t want to create a monster. This team is only not higher here because a couple of teams have the slight edge.
RB Rank: 3
This team has starters and depth. Holy Moly. Najee, Swift, Jones, and Conner. Rhomondre SZN??? This team can deal with injuries, slumps, byes, etc.
WR Rank: 6
Higgins, Pittman, Sutton, and Cooper are all solid options. This team has depth and the potential to achieve higher than this current ranking. They are only lower because I rank their WRs more as WR2s and not WR1s. They lack the star power to rank them higher.
TE Rank: 2
Andrews and Ertz is a scary combo. Andrews should be elite every week and Ertz is a very good backup plan. Not much more to say than that. Ranks 2 due to star power and solid depth.
D/ST/K Rank: 6
Carlson should be solid, but I’m fading Ravens this year and Broncos are around the same ranking for me. Broncos very well could outperform my ranking if Russel Wilson keeps them in front and forces the opponents to take risks.
Average Rank: 4
This team has star power and depth. They’re pretty scary in every position and have the potential to outperform each positional rank. This team has won the most Jackman Championships for a reason. They should be fighting for another this year.

3. @jonathan Jon Cook:
QB Rank: 4
Josh Freaking Allen. Back to back years being the QB1 and no signs of slowing down. This team is only ranked 4th because they’ll be hitting the waivers for a back up QB. This team will be forced to make some moves to be competitive at this spot if anything prevents Allen from starting.
RB Rank: 8
Ekeler, Sanders, Hunt. This combo should perhaps be ranked higher, but I just like some others RB groups a tad more. Ekeler was the RB2 last year, but I think he may drop a little bit this year. Sanders is fading, and Hunt is still stuck behind Chubb and also isn’t happy on the team, having requested a trade. To be fair to this team, Mattison is elite if Dalvin goes down and Henderson could get worked in more for the rams. Oh and Patterson was great last year. So honestly I may be being too hard on this group, but I’m fading a few in this group so I’ll stick to it and risk looking like a fool here.
WR Rank: 4
Evans and Kupp are monsters. Talk about star power. Kupp was the WR1 last year and should be elite again this year. Throw in Gabe Davis, Van Jefferson, Landry and this team should be able to find a 3rd WR each week that’s strong enough to keep this group ranked 4th.
TE Rank: 3
Pitts and Knox. This is another good 1, 2 punch. Pitts was TE9 in his rookie year and should only be better this year. Knox was TE7 and very reliable last season. I think Pitts takes a big leap so I have them ranked 3 here.
D/ST/K Rank: 2
Colts and Rams are so good and Butker is gonna have a bounce back year, calling it. This team should be able to pick up points here each week.
Average Rank: 4.2
This team was in the finals last year, so don’t count them out of the race again. They have a few studs that could hard carry this team to victory. They’re also a shrewd manager that can deal with whatever they face this year and problem solve their way to the top.

4. @awmelman Andrew Melton:
QB Rank: 7
TREY AREA!!! Okay, but seriously, rushing yards and TDs are king in fantasy and trey has the chance to be a fantasy QB1. Throw in Cousins and you have a decent combo. Trey isn’t proven so this team sits at 7 for now, but with the chance to overperform that rank.
RB Rank: 7
This is the biggest question mark for this team. Etienne back from injury for essentially his rookie season. Breece hype is real, will be interesting to see where he lands. Kenny G hype in philly is huge right now too. So if everything works out this team could have 3 good options. The question marks bring him down to 7.
WR Rank: 2
This is where the team gets scary. Justin Jefferson and Deebo are elite options. Jeudy, Bateman, and Godwin (back from injury) all make high potential options to fill in the 3rd spot (and maybe flex) to round out an elite corps.
TE Rank: 7
Hockenson is an interesting option here. He has elite upside, but coming off a disappointing season. Behind him we have Big Irv and Njoku to provide some interesting potential. if Hockenson blows up, this team could be scary.
D/ST/K Rank: 3
I like saints here so that’s why they’re so high. Bills offense is good so Bass at K should be solid too. Maybe should be ranked slightly lower, but I’m going gut here.
Average Rank: 5.2
This is a team with a high ceiling and an okay floor. So I feel the 4 spot is a good spot for them in the rankings. If Trey, RBs, and Hockenson blow up, this team is elite and could be fighting at the top.

5. @chasenrogers Chasen Rogers:
QB Rank: 2
Mahomes has been QB4 or higher 3 of the last 4 seasons (all of his starting career). The other season he was QB7…So yeah Mahomes is elite even without tyreek to throw to. Hurts was QB9 last season and now has AJ Brown to throw to, so he could be a surprising elite option. This team has been set at QB for years now and should remain that way again this season.
RB Rank: 6
I’ll start off by saying that this rank could maybe be lower depending on how the season pans out, but I’m buying on Walker so I’m placing them in the middle of the pack. He could end up being a solid option with a lot of usage with a team that sucks at QB. Combo that with Fournette and David Montgomery and you’ve got a respectable trio. Lenny was an RB1 last year and Montgomery, when healthy, has performed as an RB1. This group is right in the middle which honestly is good for what in the past has been this teams biggest weakness.
WR Rank: 3
CeeDees, DKs, and DJs oh my! This big three is solid and scary. A lot of people are fading DK with Russel gone to Denver, but he’s still an elite receiver. The only problem here is depth, but with Danny Gray, Marvin Jones, and DPJ this team has several upside options that could pop off. Star heavy starters have this group in the top tier of the league.
TE Rank: 10
This is the position with the most movement year to year, so this weak group can easily be solved through the waivers/trades. However currently Tonyan is coming back from injury and a question mark. Tommy Tremble and a rookie are potential upside guys.
D/ST/K Rank: 9
Chiefss D/ST is fading I think. Jags back up is unexciting. Big Dick Nick Folk is old, so a question mark there, despite being K2 last year.
Average Rank: 6
This team is elite at QB and WR and solid at RB. Weak in positions it’s okay to be weak in and also easier to correct, this team is strong at the right spots and strong enough to be a solid playoff contender. This team was 3rd last year and I could see that happen again pretty easily, with the chance for full glory with the right moves.

6. @gbhart Garrett Hart:
QB Rank: 10
Stafford is solid, but no depth behind him. Several back ups and Darnold (who is potentially a back up). Stafford is having some elbow issues during training camp and preseason so I’m fading him slightly. This group can definitely improve, but for now I’ve got them at 10.
RB Rank: 2
JT, Mixon, and Saquon are an incredible trio. The RB1 and RB3 last year with Saquon back from injury. This team looks like they have 3 RB1s going into the season. The only issue is depth. Behind those 3 are James Cook and Brandon Bolden and that’s it. So if there are any injury issues this group could be hurting. Star power wins out for my rankings, but add some depth and this group is ranked 1.
WR Rank: 7
This team made some trades the last few seasons for some WRs. I think those WRs were in peak seasons when they were traded for and will fade a bit going into this year. Mike Williams, Marquise Brown, and Christian Kirk are all serviceable, but not exciting options. Depth is mediocre, but could be good if injuries happen to bring them up the depth chart. Ced Wilson in miami is one to watch as far as depth is concerned.
TE Rank: 5
Hunter Henry and Pat Freiermuth are both solid options at TE. Neither seem to be an elite option, but both seem to be solid options to start which places this team right smack in the middle for this position.
D/ST/K Rank: 5
Justin Tucker is elite. Can steal points every week at the kicker position. The cowboys were surprisingly the #1 D/ST last season, but I don’t expect that to repeat and I’m more down on the vikings D/ST this year so I put this combo in the middle of the pack.
Average Rank: 5.8
This team is here because of the RBs. That unit should carry this team to the playoffs. If Stafford remains healthy and elite and the WRs repeat the success of last season, then this team can find their way to the top. Could be a terrifying team.

7. @Alex Dr. Father Alex Johnson:
QB Rank: 6
Tom Brady is continuing to defy all logic of age and physical performance. I don’t think he’s a top 3 QB this year. I think he’ll be more of a lower end QB1. As far as a back up they’ve got Justin Fields trying to improve upon a disappointing rookie year, and I think he will improve. If he doesn’t, Jared Goff SZN?? lol yeah right.
RB Rank: 5
I think there is a chance that Nick Chubb is the RB1 this year. Watson will be out for some portion of the season, and this team is gonna have to rely on the run. So I expect his usage to be huge this year. Gibson was RB11 last year and should be good again this year. I will say…there are some rumblings by beat writers that his stock is going down, and if it does, then this team’s RB rank will plummet. For now I’ll keep them at 5. I will say the depth is basically non existent barring an injury. So this team will be relying on the 1-2 punch to keep them competitive for playoffs.
WR Rank: 5
Davante, Waddle, and Dionte is a pretty scary trio. Throw in Aiyuk (out of the doghouse), Renfrow, and Doubs and this team’s got good depth, too. I expect this team to be a 4 WR team throughout the year and should have solid points in that position. Barring a breakout for waddle or someone else, they’re relying on Davante star power for the sweet sweet elite points. Should be right in the middle.
TE Rank: 9
I’m not sold on these TEs. Higbee and Jonnu are both unexciting options and are starting to both fade a bit. I’ve said this before, but I really think TE is an easy position to make changes to improve. So the low rank is not the worst situation in the world. Higbee will be solid enough to not lose this team matchups.
D/ST/K Rank: 7
Pats D/ST is always solid and should be a solid option. He’s got some older options at kicker. McManus and Prater should be just on the lower end of the top 10-15. My gut says 7 for the combo, with the D/ST being more solid than Kicker.
Average Rank: 6.4
With Solid WRs and RBs, this team should be in the playoff hunt all season long. A few potential breakout candidates hitting instead of missing and this team is one to fear. I’ve got them currently just outside, but would not be surprised to see this team make the playoffs and compete for a championship.

8. @mikeastock Michael Stock II:
QB Rank: 8
I’ve got Wilson in the lower QB1 range with the move to Denver, but man that guy is scary so he could be higher, who knows? Mac as a backup is a solid option, but he’s just not an exciting fantasy option. Got them ranked on the lower end for now, but this team could outperform that rank.
RB Rank: 4
Am I the only one scared by the combo of CMac, Kamara, and Melvin? Now granted, all three of those guys have had less success recently, struggling with injuries. That’s why this group is just outside the top tier in my mind. They may all have resurgences this season and the talent is certainly there, so this group is still scary, just not as scary as before. Depth is pretty weak too. Mostert is okay, but really no other real options to back up.
WR Rank: 8
If London explodes this year, then this rank will be way too low. Just as I see it I see a bunch of lower end WR2s/high end WR3s, with some high end WR2 upside. McLaurin and Mooney are solid starters. Hopkins is elite, but suspended, and also 30 now, so he might drop a tiny bit. Rondale Moore could see a bump with Hopkins out, so that could help replace him. I’ve got this group maybe lower than others would, but I’m sticking with it for now.
TE Rank: 1
Kelce and Goedert are just an elite 1-2 punch. Kelce steals points every week and if injuries were to happen, Goedert should be a TE1 option himself as a replacement. Scary TE pairing.
D/ST/K Rank: 10
This is going to change as the season goes. However, for now he’s relying on Hopkins and Washington D/ST and well, I’ve got them ranked last for this group.
Average Rank: 6.2
This team finished a surprising 9th last year. I fully expect this team to make moves as the season progresses, but as of now I’ve got them 8th. With aging star RBs, an elite TE, and middling WRs, this team should be competitive, but over the season I think will lose out of the playoff race.

9. @ventura Andrew Ventura:
QB Rank: 1
This is the good for this team. Herbert and Murray are both top tier options. This team should have 2 QBs in the top 5 I think. Should be legit and scary. Definitely the strongest position for the team.
RB Rank: 9
Zeke and Jacobs used to be a scary 1-2 punch, but they’re fading and for that reason I’ve got this grouping low. Also depth is sort of non existent. McKissic is the best back up plan unless something crazy happens. This team could potentially be higher, but I’ve got them 9 for now.
WR Rank: 10
Keenan is a solid WR2, but other than him this team is hurting here. Next best options are Woods and Parker. Julio could hit in Tampa and Sammy could hit in Green Bay, but really just no exciting options outside of Keenan, but hey! There are some amazing names…Racey McMath?? Oh hell yeah.
TE Rank: 8
Gesicki and Hooper are both okay options. Got this team ranked 8th currently, but Gesicki could benefit from the introduction of tyreek to the team. Should be an okay grouping, but on the lower end for the league.
D/ST/K Rank: 4
The (former) Kicker Store is ranked 4th in this category. Matt Gay should be solid and for D/ST Pittsburgh and Bills are both solid options. My gut says just out of the top tier, but barely.
Average Rank: 6.4
This team has a lot of good names, but older and not as good players. I think this team is fading and expect them to end up with a higher draft position this year. However, this team was surprisingly in the final 2 season ago, so anything can happen and this team could just find their way back there.

10. @PaulDawg Paul “Haters Back Off” Miyake:
QB Rank: 9
Watson has missed an entire year, plus is suspended for at least a little bit and so even if he does play this season (which isn’t a guarantee), there might be some serious rust. Pair that with Carr being the backup plan and I’ve got this group ranked low.
RB Rank:10
Akers has a chance to make me look like a fool here. I’m buying into the Rhomondre hype, so in turn I’m fading Harris. AJ dillon is a beast and should get worked in more, but is still behind Jones. There is a lot of Pierce hype currently, so if he hits, this team could jump way up in this positional rank. For now I’ll feed the hater vibes and power charge our wildcard and keep them here.
WR Rank: 9
A lot of high ceiling, low floor guys. Boom or bust fits this team well, but consistency wins out season long. Lazard could boom into the top spot with Davante gone. Burks could slot into the top spot in Tennessee. Lockett is the king of boom or bust. Boyd is the third guy in Cincy, but Burrow can feed everyone. Kenny G resurgence and this team will be booming. Got them low, but as with the RBs, this team could boom on up way higher.
TE Rank: 6
Waller the baller and Evan Engram are a solid combo. Should be able to take points each week. This team should be killing it at the TE game, just lacking the elite elite. I’ve got waller in that 4 spot for this season. There’s a chance he turns it up again to being elite and this rank goes up.
D/ST/K Rank: 8
Joseph is fine for the Kicker spot. Should be around that 7-12 rank. D/ST options are a little bit better. Dolphins were solid last year, but I’m looking at the revamped chargers to take a step up. I’ve got them ranked 8 for now, but this team will improve on this ranking. Honestly, I’ve probably got them ranked too low. Oh well, let it super charge you, Paul.
Average Rank: 8.4
This team earned the number 1 overall pick last season and is looking like a strong candidate to do so again. I will say this team can definitely boom this season. They’re in a bit of a rebuild and have a lot of high ceiling, lower floor players. I like this team, they just have a bit to go until they’re at the top of the ranks.

Let’s go, a new season begins!

  1. Amunrud - Henry is back, I’m having scary flashbacks to how dominant he was. Dalvin Cook, great last name, must be a baller player. WR isn’t looking as scary as years past, but any of Hill, Chase, and Diggs could win the week. 3-pear odds are looking good.

  2. Charbonnet - Could’ve been number one but has no kicker. Shame. Great RBs, and WRs that I think are just under the elite tier. Running QBs are good, TE depth great. They could win it all (just like the rest of us every year)

  3. Garrett - This team’s depth isn’t great but the RB corps is with the best named player in Jonathan Taylor alongside Mixon and Barkley poised for a bounceback year. Stafford is a gunslinger coming off a Super Bowl win and the WR/TE is solid even if not elite.

  4. Jonathan - Returning QB1, WR1 and top RB in Ekeler with rookie-record setting TE Pitts. Looks good at the first cut, but depth is an issue. No backup QB, other RBs have talent but are all second tier options (Hunt, Mattison, Sanders, Henderson, etc), and WRs are banking on Gabriel Davis’s emergence or a veteran comeback (Landry, Jefferson, and OBJ who is a FA still while rehabbing the ACL tear but could help with a playoff push).

  5. Stock - Another team without a kicker. Maybe people think we changed the rules in the offseason, which is weird because we definitely don’t ever change the rules or debate them. Anyways, this team could be sneaky good if Kamara and McCaffrey have injury free years. Lots of young WR talent here that could pay off, and Wilson’s change of scenery could be just what he needs. Don’t forget the air is less dense at Mile-high so those last minute TD heaves to snag victory from the jaws of defeat will be a little easier.

  6. Ventura - Chuba Hubbard and Jubbard Herburd will flick stick the Zeke out of any opponards. I say hubba hubba to this team. Please look at the nicknames on this team if you haven’t already.

  7. Chasen - The People’s Champion - he could win it all! I think RB might be a little rough here with Fournette, Montgomery, Robinson, Ingram and Carter as the vets, and one of them will likely be needed in the flex slot all year - Wilson’s move to Denver will hurt Metcalf who was a week-winner for this team. Plus he has that BDE - Big Drop Energy. Two great fantasy QBs and some fresh young faces will keep this team in the mix for sure though! Not sure how I ended up putting this team 7th.

  8. Alex - RB after Chubb (who timeshare with hunt) is a problem for this team. Gibson might be a good complement if Robinson is still rehabbing, but there’s the bye week and flex to worry about. WR team looks great with Adams now in the mix, and Brady will continue his defiance of the age cliff. TE position is weak, but after the elite few it doesn’t matter much anyway.

  9. Paul - Dameon Pierce is going to take this team to the 'ship baby! I think this roster is looking better than in year’s past even though it has a plethora of QBs including Kyle Trask. Maybe he’ll be the GOAT if Giselle makes Tom quit during the season. Green Bay is an important team here - if AJ Dillon can become RB1 and Lazard shows that he’s elite this team could surprise.

  10. Melton - If Deebo Samuel was actually a RB for fantasy purposes instead of in Shanahan’s playbook this team would look more competitive. An abundance of riches at WR, but the starting RBs are a rookie and a sophomore player that didn’t play at all last year due to injury. Promising future, but I don’t think this is the year.

Revenge Rankings (fresh off a full cup of haterade)

  1. Amunrud - I don’t have much to add here. Stacked team, great RB’s, great WR’s, and solid at QB and TE. Injuries could come back to bite this team, but there’s depth to handle it. Strong position for the Like(l)y to 3Peat Plz

  2. Charbonnet - Another strong team with excellent strength at QB and RB. The WR group here will need to step up to make a run at the title, but there are plenty of potential breakouts on this squad to make it happen (Smith, Moore, rusurgence of Thomas and/or Cooper). This will be a fun team to watch! Hot take: if Lamar doesn’t get a contract in the next 24 hours, he tells John Harbaugh that he’s only throwing this year and not running, leading to fun QB shenanigans.

  3. Chasen - Mahomes at the helm, going retro by listening to compact discs and playing good old N64 donkey kong at wide receiver, what’s not to like? TE is weak, but the people have been clamoring for a Gerald Everett breakout for years… maybe the people’s champ is the one to bring it out of him.

  4. Stock - The dark horse contender. Russell Wilson utilizes that thin air at a mile high and throws TD after TD, CMC and Alvin Kamara utilize their old man strength to regain the glory days, Travis Kelce suddenly goes on the TB12 diet so he can be TE1 until he’s 44, and this team is a contender! WR is questionable, but mainly because of youth. Can Mike find the next Jefferson/Chase in Drake London?

  5. Garrett - This is where things get interesting. Can JT (Justin Timberlake of course) and JM (Jason Mraz of course) lead this team to the promised land? Can a questionable group of wide receivers step up to the plate. Charles Barkley, I mean Saquon, may be the make or break piece for this team.

  6. Melton - Highlighted by a young group of RB’s and QB’s where will this team go? Of course we all know that Trey Lance will throw ~75 TD’s to Deebo Samuel this year, as well as running for ~100 more, so this team has a reasonable way to the top!

  7. Alex - With Antonio Gibson getting a second chance due to a crazy car hijacking attempt (thankful B-Rob is going to be ok), suddenly this team stands a chance. Will Davante Adams relive the college glory days with his best bud Derek Carr? Can Tom Brady still defy biology and perform despite the gray in his beard. Time will tell!

  8. Ventura - The achilles heel for this team? How often will that lineup get set each week? Excellent young QB, possibly surprising RB’s, and a WR room left wanting after Keenan Allen. However, this team may have found a diamond in the rough in Isiah Pacheco if the preseason hype is real. i guve this team a leg up over the next two due to the excellent nicknaming.

  9. Paul - the haterade is ready, the wild cards are all lined up, the O’s are set (just take a look at the nicknames), and the team is ready to go Waller-Baller. If you buy the preseason hype, Treylon Burks is already a bust (don’t believe it), but the Quadfather is there to step in and teach the rookie how to bulk up and get in shape. Might be a match made in heaven.

  10. Jon - with a mind driven by gulp upon gulp of haterade, this team looks like a bust. No bias of course, and I certainly won’t change my mind on this entry at all this season, but the studs on this team are getting older (sans Josh Allen) and the young guys are unproven. The Sailors hit a storm and end up at the bottom of the sea!