2023 Acquisition Counter

Everyone’s favorite list - 2023 Edition!
Acquisitions used will be listed here. If there is an error, please DM the commissioner on Slack.

Acquisition Limit per team is 15.
COVID Acquisition Rules (from 2020 season) listed at the bottom of this page for reference. Can provide a bonus acquisition for a team if a player is put on the NFL’s COVID List during the season.

Additional Acquisitions: n/a

Last Updated: 9/14/23 (last acq counted: Chasen R - Packers D/ST)
Name: Acquisitions Used (Weeks used)

Alex: 1 (2,)
Andrew M: 0 ()
Andrew V: 0 ()
Chasen: 2 (2, )
Garrett: 0 ()
Ian A: 4 (1, 2,)
Ian C: 0 ()
Jon: 1 (1, )
Mike: 2 (1, )
Paul: 5 (1, 2, )

Per our COVID Rules (2020 COVID Rules ):

  • If a player on your team is designated with COVID and you are going to move them to IR, you must post in the #COVID-Players channel with the news of the designation (you can use our #twitter channel posts for example) and the name of the FA player you are adding to replace that player with.
  • By doing so, you are given a BONUS Acquisition to add the replacement player as long as the acquisition happens within a calendar week of the COVID designation
  • When the player with a COVID designation is healthy to return, you must drop the replacement player within a week (bringing your COVID IR player to your roster), or else you will be charged with an Acquisition (since you’re adding the player to your roster as more than just a replacement). In essence, your COVID player and replacement player are linked which is what provided you the bonus acquisition.