2023 Preseason Rankings

Guess what’s back, back again? Preseason Ranking’s back, tell a friend. It’s that time of the year folks. Read em and weep em.

  1. Ian Amunrud @ianamunrud
    After a perfect regular season that doesn’t mean anything because I lost in the finals I’m back and ready for vengeance. With solid options at all positions I think this team is primed to have a solid showing in the regular season. I do not see a repeat of the undefeated regular season, but the top spot is the expectation for this team.
    Best Position: I would say the WRs are the highlight for this team. AJ Brown, Chase, Diggs, and a trash human are all top options at the position.
    Worst Position: RBs took a bit of a hit for this team. Dalvin in the crowded Jets, no more King Henry, Javonte and JK both coming off of injuries. Pollard is a plus without Zeke, but rumor is cowboys want to limit his touches. Bijan has a ton of hype, but I don’t think he’s the greatest running back of all time yet like everyone is acting he is. I think RB has a lot of question marks for this team.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 11-3

  2. Ian Charbonnet @IanC
    The man that always has a scary team looks primed to cause fear to every opponent yet again this season. Like the top teams in this ranking, this team is solid across the board with elite options at every position. I expect the commish to be get a bye week and to be in contention for the top spot this season.
    Best Position: This is a super close one between the positions I don’t pick for the next category…but I’ll say that WR gets the edge right now. Amon-Ra, Tee Higgins, Amari Cooper, and Devonta Smith are all super solid options with high upside each week. This team should be getting lots of points in this position.
    Worst Position: While I think there is a semi clear choice here, this is still a good position for this team. I will say RB though. Najee slowed down a bit last year and I think he finishes just outside the top 10 once again this year. I have never been a James Conner believer. And well he’s got a bunch of RBs set to split touches with other solid backs. Rhamondre with Zeke, Jones with Dillon, Zach with the two Kens and Swift and Achane both in mega crowded rooms. There is a chance everything works out and this is a great group, but I think it looks the murkiest for this team for now.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 10-4

  3. Andrew Melton @awmelman
    After a bit of a rebuild this team made the playoffs last season in the final spot. Now with his young guys having another year of experience and players drafted 2, 5, and 11, this team is ready to compete. Full of high upside players I think this team hits on enough to barely miss out on a bye week. But watch out, this team is on the rise.
    Best Position: Tempted to pick WR for the 3rd team in a row…but I’ll go TE here to switch it up. I think TJ Hockenson takes a leap this year. Throw in Njoku as a back up and this team should be able to gain points in this position against most opponents. (his WRs are great though with JJ, Garrett Wilson, Deebo, Jeudy, Godwin, Pickens, QJ, etc.)
    Worst Position: Now this hurts me to do…but QB. Tua is way too likely to get concussed again. Kirk is solid, but while he was QB6 last year that was with similar stats (and 1 game less) than the 2 seasons before where he landed at QB11. So I think it’s likely he drops down into high end QB2 territory again. Anthony Richardson is probably the most likely of the rookie QBs to be solid because of rushing points, but I dunno. Throw in Brock and Trey and this group just isn’t exciting to me. Don’t think any of these guys finish as fantasy QB1s. This team is pretty solid though for this to be the worst position.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 9-5

  4. Jon Cook @jonathan
    Last season we had 5 teams that finished within a game of each other. I think that this team exemplifies how hard it is to rank which team will land where. This team could finish much higher than this…and honestly could see this team barely missing playoffs. I’m gonna hedge my bets and put them in the middle of where I think they could land. Sort of depends on their RBs I think. If 2 of Sanders, B Rob, Chicago RB and Mattison are RB1s (real possibility) this team is much higher. If they are RB2s (real possibility) then this team lands around 4/5 I think. And if the following person I mention gets injured this team could miss out on playoffs.
    Best Position: Josh Allen. QB1, QB1, QB2 the last 3 years. This team is gaining points in this position against most teams every week. There is no solid backup option unless you’re a big Howell believer. But that should only affect the bye week barring the worst.
    Worst Position: TE. I’m just not a big Kyle Pitts believer. He was basically the falcons offense his rookie year, but struggled last year even before the knee injury. Think it takes a while for him to get going this season and don’t expect him to be an elite fantasy TE this year. Call me a hater, but I just am fading Pitts. Everett is serviceable but not exciting and Knox has a new rookie TE to compete with.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 8-6

  5. Alex Johnson @Alex
    Now Alex…do we agree with this ranking or are we mad at me for putting you here? I think this team is pretty even across the board with a clear best position. Super star heavy with not much depth. Lack of depth has this team in the lower end of playoff bound teams. Could see a world where they miss, but think the 5 spot is the likely finish.
    Best Position: RB. This team made a big trade for the King. Henry and Chubb are the best 1-2 punch in this league at RB. I’m betting that one of them finishes as the RB1 this year…honestly a solid chance that these guys finish as the top 2 best RBs in the league. Long drop down to the next best RB this year. Allegeier’s stock plummeted with Bijan. Antonio Gibson could bounce back, but is a huge question mark. McKinnon is in a high powered offense but barring injuries won’t be reliable.
    Worst Position: TE. Higbee and Dulcich aren’t it. LaPorta could, but not this year I don’t think. McBride still gonna split time with Ertz. Not much to be excited about here.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 8-6

  6. Chasen Rogers @chasenrogers
    The People’s Champion finally won it all. And I think he (barely) makes the playoffs to try to repeat. This team has one glaring weakness and that may be it’s downfall. Also well…last year he got a little lucky with some wins in the regular season and I think the luck balances out a bit this year. Could see a lot of movement up the rankings if the weakness is not as bad as I think it is.
    Best Position: QB. Easily. Hurts and Mahomes. Name a better combo I dare you. Honestly I don’t need to say much else here. WR is also super solid so I’ll take the time to mention that. Oh and Kittle can win tons of points in the TE position.
    Worst Position: Oooph…ummm…RB. It’s bad folks. David Montgomery is not gonna get the touches he has been now that he’s in detroit (with Gibbs gobbling up touches). Kenneth Walker is a huge reason why this team won it all last year, but now Charbonnet is getting in the way of that (both Zach and Ian). And its a giant drop off from there. This team has got to either get lucky or make trade or both. Otherwise they’re relying on the strength of their other positions to pull them through.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 7-7

  7. Garrett Hart @gbhart
    This team missed the playoffs by PF tie breaker last season…I’ve got them barely missing out on playoffs once more. This team has experienced a lot of bad luck these past few years and I would be so happy to be wrong here. There are some question marks, but if everything goes right I could see this team in the top half of the league…Also well the time difference and being abroad thing has serious impact on fantasy, so that plays a role in this ranking.
    Best Position: RB. Okay so let’s just start off with Jonathan Taylor. He’s coming off of ankle surgery, and is unhappy with the colts. So worst case is he doesn’t play at all this season. I don’t think that happens, so I’ll keep this as the strength. When healthy, he’s elite. Same with Saquon. And honestly same with Mixon too. These 3 make up a huge threat at RB.
    Worst Position: Oooph…ummm…WR. It’s bad folks. (worth repeating myself here). He’s got like 5 middle of the road WRs. Needs someone desperately to make the jump up a tier or two or three. Kirk was WR11 last year, but I think he drops a bit with Ridley making his comeback. His next best WR last year was Mike Williams at WR32. Throw in Dotson, Hollywood, and new rookie Addison, and this team needs some people break out in order to have much to show in this position.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 6-8

  8. Michael Stock II @mikeastock
    This team has been hurt by trading away all their draft picks for a championship, but hey! they got that championship baby. Now they’re transitioning, collecting more picks, trading away older players, etc. Meanwhile they’ll get a top 3 pick now that they have their draft pick again.
    Best Position: This is a tough one. On the one hand, they have CMC and Kamara, on the other hand they have 4 WR2/3s with okay upside. I think I’m gonna stick with RB here, with CMC carrying most the load. Don’t sleep on their WRs though. Watson, Scary Terry, Hopkins, and London is a high upside group.
    Worst Position: QB or TE. Goedert is solid, but a lot of mouths to feed in Philly. Meanwhile for QB Danny Dimes is unexciting. I know he had a resurgence last year and got a big contract, but like he’s bound to drop back now that he got his money right? Maybe Wilson makes a comeback with Sean Payton, but maybe he doesn’t, he is 34 so maybe he’s just slowing down? I think I’ll go with QB here.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 5-9

  9. Andrew Ventura @ventura
    This team is gonna absolutely destroy…with silly sleeper customer support screenshots and dope fantasy football names…forgetting to set lineups, and having fun. Just…maybe not in actual fantasy football. But hey, they’ll have fun no matter where they land.
    Best Position: QB with a special shoutout to RB. Justin Herbert is legit and Kyler can still be solid, if not easy to hate on. As for RB, Jacobs is good enough to win games by himself. Pacheco should be a solid RB3 with upside. Jamaal Williams should get some touches in NO, but not as much as with Detroit I think.
    Worst Position: WR. An always injured Keenan and a young unproven JSN lead the receiving corps for this team. Not a lot to be excited about after that. Definitely needs help at this position.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 4-10

  10. Paul Miyake @PaulDawg
    The man, the myth, the wildcard. Paul has had maybe the worst bad luck in fantasy I’ve ever seen. It’s been just so rough. He’s in rebuild mode and is doing it right I think. Transitioning to young, getting more draft picks, etc. I don’t expect this team to always be last in my rankings. Things will bounce back, I feel it.
    Best Position: He’s got his first round draft pick folks!!! That’s his best position currently. But seriously…his TEs are nasty. Waller, Engram, and Okonkwo, oh my! They’re really solid. And honestly…if I put TE as your weakest position please don’t trade your draft picks to paul for one of his TEs…I want to be in on every win win trade. I don’t want to be left out. But seriously, y’all should do it. Win Win. Just include me in on a 3 way trade and just give me like 1faab to pay me as your trade broker. :wink:
    Worst Position: WR. Oh Boyd this group isn’t great. I really want to see Moore out of this group. Okay Okay I’ll stop with the puns now. But this group is unexciting. Super boom or bust with mostly bust. Burks is the most exciting of the group but he just got a knee injury (luckily not too serious) and has Hopkins stealing targets. This group needs work.
    Predicted Regular Season Record: 2-12

Jackman Rankings

  1. Ian A - This team is so good Stefon Diggs (last year’s WR5) is legitimately a bench player.

  2. Chasen - The defending champ with a solid group of young-ish WRs, and the 2nd and 3rd best fantasy QBs. TE great too, but RBs are a question mark (and also the most likely starters to grab off the waiver).

  3. Alex - Top QB (for fantasy, not the game that actually matters), and a powerful RB room with the off-season acquisition of Henry. WRs are solid led by Waddle and Adams, with some decent depth. TE isn’t strong, but if you don’t have Kittle or Kelce (see above teams) it’s an easy spot to be in.

  4. Ian C - Considered this team for 3, but I think RB isn’t as strong as I thought (all three starters are RB2s with upside). WR starters still a bit in flux but the talent is on the roster and the wins will come if the lineup is right.

  5. Jonathan - Similar boat as above, but the RBs are a notch down in quality. Anchor of this team is Josh Allen, and former Triple Crown winner Cooper Kupp. Both of whom were injured last year yet this team made playoffs. If they stay healthy there’s upside with OBJ top dog in Baltimore, Ridley back in the game with a top tier QB, and Ekeler lacing up for a 3rd top 5 season in a row (without ever getting 1k rush yards in a season, look it up).

  6. Melton - Marry the WRs, Date the RBs, Kill the QBs. That’s how I feel about this team’s current roster. Fringe playoff team for me, but if Richardson and Gibbs have steller years this team can go far.

  7. Garrett - This team only has 6 RBs, and one of them appears to be holding out. Jonathan Taylor is needed for this team to compete and is a big variable right now. JT and Barkley are putting this team on their quads, as QB/TE/WR are lots of midrange players.

  8. Stock - Let’s Ride! If Wilson does well with Payton as coach that’s big for this team as Daniel Jones or rookie Bryce Young starting is a liability. CMC has fantasy points in the tank still and WRs are decent.

  9. Ventura - I love that Jamaal Williams is on this team. He is this team’s spirit animal - hilarious, geeky, and overachieves in fantasy at times.

  10. Miyake - Love the nicknames and the team spirit. This team will put up consistent points and win some games, but it doesn’t have the star power to drop a 30 point game and flat out win the week. Watch out year end when everybody’s team is banged up.I’m

Well well well. Here we are, 2023 almost at the turn of a decade in the league. I wanted to put myself as 1st, but that would be dishonest… unless. I’m first in the batting order, which technically makes me 10th. Huzzah! 1st I am (10th).

1st (10th) - Paul
It’s a well known fact that I am officially the world #1 fantasy player. One fantasy manager said that “no team has had worse luck than my team”, but this is not true. Every move I’ve made has been intentional - intentionally drafting no-limit-on-my-4Lokos-Ruggs, trading for massage-parlor-Deshaun, convincing Arians to bench RoJo, dropping Aaron Jones prematurely, and paying Golladay to tank - all so that I would get Marvin Harrison Jr next year. I’ve been scouting him since he was 12 YEARS OLD. I have MULTIPLE RESTRAINING ORDERS against me because I was caught sneaking into his house to measure is palm diameter while he slept. I’m not allowed within 500 ft of his high school because I kidnapped and impersonated the coach in charge of timing his 40 yard dash. Once I acquire him, my plan shall be complete, and I shall rise to the top with juggernaut MHJ and claim my rightful place.

(Actual) 1st - Ian A
This team still is dominant, but competition is closing in. If his team remains healthy all year, the odds are in his favor. However, I have questions about his RB room. Javonte and Dobbins are coming off injuries. If they can bounce back, then this team is solid. If they don’t or sustain further injuries, then his RB depth decent, but not amazing. CEH and Dalvin may slot in as RB2s, RB3s if they don’t have stellar production in their time shares. This could result in a season less stellar than 14-0, but he’ll finish in the top 3 regardless.

2nd - Ian C
Mr. Consistency. Some bad luck the past couple of years caused this team to finish lower than I would have guessed. This team has depth but lacks a true stud at RB imo. Rhamondre could step up massively, but it remains to be seen. Najee struggled last year, and Aaron Jones’ carries are being eaten into by AJ Dillon (and possibly preseason RB leader Emanuel Wilson). I’m personally a huge fan of the receiving room, and he has the depth to trade a stud WR for an RB and strengthen his roster. The biggest question is around QB - from what I observed, picking the right QB any given week was a challenge. I’m expecting a bounce back from Lamar who wants to pass for 6000 yards and has the rushing upside. Betting on this team at #2.

3rd - Alex
Fields + DH + Chubb could be 65-80 points alone on a good week. If that trio stays healthy then they could carry the team. But then he’s got Adams and Waddle to back them up, along with a slurry of solid flex options. I think this team safely finishes 5th and reaches to 2nd place.

4th - Chasen
Best QB room in the league no cap fr fr. Hurts run game is buttery on god, and his passing game has dramatically improved. He is him fr fr. Strong starting line up. Huge risk trading for CMC, but hopefully it pays off. This team’s depth is sus though, and I’m having a hard time moving past that. Ranking 4th because one bad injury at WR or RB can severely hurt this team’s ability to rise. This team has one largest ranges of possible outcomes with that in mind, so don’t be surprised if they finish 1st or 6th.

5th tie - Jon Cook
I really like this team’s upside. However, RB depth is questionable. Miles Sanders is on a new team, Brian Robinson still needs to prove himself imo. If Ekeler’s production is anything like the past few years, then he’ll make up for any shortcomings. Kupp likely will not start week 1, Ridley hasn’t played in a long time, and Mike Evans is catching passes from Faker Mayfield (read: being overthrown) which makes this starting roster pretty wildcard. I think it’s likely this team gets off to a slow start, but if his team remains healthy and lives up to the talent expectations, then I could see him finishing in the top 3 spots. An in form Kupp, Ridley, and Evans could end up being the top 1-3 receiver rooms in the league.

5th tie - Melton
This team lies or dies by Jefferson and Wilson’s performance. Rookie Jarule Gibbs is unproven, and Deebo only has one good (albeit amazing) season under his belt. Godwin could bounce back but is at the mercy of High Bullets Only Baker. That said, I can see a Judy revival, Pickens having a breakout season and Breece putting up good numbers. If all those come to fruition, expect a higher finish at 4th or 3rd.

7th - Garrett
Get JT back in action and his RB can carry this team to a higher finish. I’m not crazy about the receivers or QBs on this squad, but in form Saquon, Taylor, Mixon + a Cook break out could see this team finish in spots 5-7.

8th - Ventura
I have a hard time imagining Josh Jacobs will perform at the same level he did last year, but if he does then that will help this squad tremendously. But. This team has Jamaal. Williams. Nuf said. League MVP, anime enthusiast, GOAT attitude. The Herbet-Allen stack could be really good for this team and be what helps it finish a little higher. Time will the

9th - Mike
I’m a big fan of this team’s rebuild strategy. He has some talented young receivers he can build around a is set up really well following the McCaffery trade. However, this season may be rough given his RBs are Raheem, Samaje, and Kamara. If Wilson bounces back and Danny truly starts throwing dimes, he could bump up to 8 or 7.