3 Weeks In, The Jackman vs. The NFL

As I looked at NFL.com’s power rankings heading into Week 4 (Saints are right where I’d put them. 31 out of 32. ugh), I thought it would be fun to look at our league and match up each of our team’s with an NFL team at this point in the season. A fun little thought experiment.
The NFL team must have the same win/loss as the Jackman team.

@Alex’s 3-0 Team: New England Patriots - This was the easiest one by far. The Patriots were an obvious carry over from Alex’s players. The Patriots are also leading the league in offensive yards, first downs, 3rd down completion % etc. and Alex has an over 50pt lead in the PF category currently.

@IanC’s 3-0 Team: Arizona Cardinals - 3-0 team who has shown bright spots in the running AND the passing game. Cards picked over the Broncos due to the Bronco’s lack of running game lately. Not the Falcons as I haven’t had to come back to secure a victory. Also, the Cardinals had a decisive win in Week 3.

@jonathan’s 2-1 Team: Buffalo Bills - I’m choosing this because, despite having a very good starting lineup in WR/RB, a great deal Jon’s success has come from his QBs this year. In the same way, the Bills have their gameplan set up in winning with defense, yet their QB continues to shine and put up big numbers.

@ianamunrud’s 2-1 Team: Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 1 it was Hyde and Kelce. Week 3 it was Green. Ian A’s team has a lot of big-play players, and I find the Steelers with Bell and Brown to have a similar structure. He lost the one close game so far this year, but his two wins have been blowouts. Steelers have/had that kind of big offense (we will see how things go with Ben out).

@gbhart 2-1 Team: New York Jets - I look at the roster, and I’m not all that pumped. Crowell and Randle at RB in light of an injured Murray (vs. Chris Ivory/Billal Powell). Both teams have great receivers, but an up-and-down QB (in the sense that Manning had 1/3 bad games so far this year).

@chasenrogers’s 1-2 Team: Indianapolis Colts - Marhsawn Lynch vs. Andrew Luck. Alfred Morris vs. Andre Johnson. Kaep vs. the O-line. These are all instances of much under-performance. So much talent, but it hasn’t clicked. We know the Colt’s woes this year (just barely got that W against the Titans), but as a Lynch AND Morris owner in another league, I feel the pain of greater expectations of one’s players.

@ventura’s 1-2 Team: St. Louis (LA?) Rams - A team that really shouldn’t get above .500 this year, and yet has this uncanny ability to beat good teams. The Rams have done it before and they’ll do it again - lose a lot and then beat a team that’s much better than them on paper. I foresee this in Andrew V’s season as well.

@PaulDawg’s 1-2 Team: Giants/Eagles - There aren’t really 1-2 teams that are plagued with injuries holding them back. Instead, I’ll choose two teams that have the chance to do a lot of damage, but are seeing issues. DeMarco Murray and Victor Cruz have been hurt, so injuries are somewhat a familiar scene, but really these teams have enough weapons to go up against the big dogs and maybe pull off a win with some wildcard magic. Foster, Peterson, Jeffrey…it’s there (JAMES FREAKING JONES?!)

@awmelman’s 0-3 Team: New Orleans Saints - As shown from this last week of play. Andrew M has some offense!! Thank you Aaron Rodgers. But like the Saints this week, the useful offense wasn’t enough when you’re getting scored on as badly as things were this week. Fitz and Rodgers can take you places (Cooks & Brees), but there’s a lot more to worry about.

@mikeastock’s 0-3 Team: Baltimore Ravens - A team that doesn’t necessarily deserve it’s 0-3 record. Some tough coaching calls (RB’s on his bench last week) and injuries have brought Mike down (losing Jordy / losing Suggs). There is enough talent on this team to let it rise up though!

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Paul’s team could also be the Texans since Foster is out.

And because they’re very entertaining (like on Hard Knocks)