Chasen's Power Rankings - Week 1 (2021)

Surprise! My only two posts on coming within one week of each other. Now, this isn’t a new concept, but I thought I’d roll out my weekly power rankings. Will this be a one time thing? Or will I remain consistent through the end of season? Who knows, and frankly, who cares! Looking for small ways to contribute to the league so I hope you enjoy.

Starting Week 1 I’m using my preseason rankings as the floor and adjusting people from there. Feel free to publicly shame me for any take you disagree with. I welcome all discord.

  1. @mikeastock (0-1) - 102.26 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 2.75 | Season High: 1 | Season Low: 2 | Last Week: 2 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • We have a new leader! Honestly though, what am I doing putting someone 0-1 at the top? Well, this is a combo of season outlook and last week’s performance. Fully expected to bump Stock down because of the loss, but the rest of his roster performed so well that I don’t see this happening too many other times this season. In a shock to myself, Stock rises to numero uno. Congrats my dude.
  • The Bad:
    Tough week for Mike with a loss due to the surprise injury to Mostert, as well as the Packers offense looking like dog doo doo. It will also be interesting to see what happens with Mike Evans not getting a lot of looks.
  • The Good:
    Still a force of a roster, the recent Melvin Gordon trade was huge for him, so he can potentially keep rolling without missing a beat. With Russel Wilson, Kamara, Hopkins, and Kelce all already performing at a high level, Stock actually climbs a ranking to #1
  1. @ianamunrud (0-1) - 95.32 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 1 | Season High: 1 | Season Low: 2 | Last Week: 1 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • Alright, the top 2 both with losing records… I know. But please keep reading! Disappointing week for the Preseason leader, but not at much fault of his own. No one could have predicted Aaron Rodgers dropping a fat steaming shi… actually let’s just move on to the details below.
  • The Bad:
    Aaron Rodgers getting 1.32 points. Any time your QB essentially nets you zero points, you’re in a lot of trouble. And nothing else is glaring… just a lot of mediocrity across the board.
  • The Good:
    Tyreek Hill with 26 points and Dalvin Cook with 14 - I’d take those numbers any day. Also, I’d be stunned if the Packers repeated that kind of offensive performance, and if they do, Ian has some good QBs in reserve. I remain optimistic about this team showing up throughout the rest of the season.
  1. @chasenrogers (1-0) - 124.98 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.25 | Season High: 3 | Season Low: 4 | Last Week: 4 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • One day, I will not give myself a free author’s boost up the rankings, but today is not that day. This week’s theme is balance and growth. A couple of starters on my team underperformed but most of them did what they were supposed to do, and even had a number of encouraging surprises showing me that my depth may not be as much of an issue as I feared.
  • The Bad:
    Fournette, King of Underperformers, has superglued his crown to his head and locked himself in his chambers. James Robinson with a very lackluster performance thanks to that scrub QB they drafted. And yeah, Tonyan wasn’t going to do much with an ancient, overrated QB…
  • The Good:
    Mentioned above, but the solid numbers across the team were very solid here, including the two reserve QBs, Wentz and Hurts. Encouraged to see draft picks putting up numbers on my bench now and am fired up to see young pillars of my team, Montgomery and Ceedee, putting up points
  1. @Alex (1-0) - 124.76 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 4| Season High: 3 | Season Low: 4 | Last Week: 3 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • Alex - you prob deserve to be at #3, but I scored 0.22 more points than you so I gave it to myself. Overall, an extremely impressive week considering one of your starters inexplicably put up 0 pts.
  • The Bad:
    Aiyuck has entered Kyle Shanahan’s doghouse which is notoriously difficult to get out of. and Jeudy with a high ankle sprain that I fear can really be problematic for him later on this year. Also came the surprise benching of Zack Moss who most people expected production out of. Not much more bad other than not a TON of production out of his bench players.
  • The Good:
    Really solid team management here. Brady is looking as solid as ever and even though Goff didn’t look great on TV, the Detroit-style garbage time was very friendly to him. And having CMC, Chubb, and Thielen at skill positions is just unfair. By all accounts, Waddle is who we thought he was and that could really cover up the aforementioned issues at WR.
  1. @awmelman (1-0) - 130.98 points (Week 1 High Score!)
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 9 | Season High: 5 | Season Low: 9 | Last Week: 9 | Trending: :arrow_double_up:
  • And we have our biggest jump of the week! Beginning the season at 9, jumping to 5 this week, and really could have been higher, you love to see it. I expected a lot of this to be some solid 49er contributions after their high-scoring game, but the good news for Melton is it was the rest of his team that was so impressive. Nice win this week with over 130pts.
  • The Bad:
    Started Rashaad Penny who got injured and is now doubtful for next week. I don’t like the look at this considering Seattle’s depth at RB. Will Penny have a chance to prove himself once he’s healthy? Only other noticeable ‘Bad’ is the surprise 2nd victim of Shanahan’s doghouse - Trey Sermon. Elijah Mitchell seized his opportunity and took playing time right out of Sermon’s hands.
  • The Good:
    Kirk looked great and Lasik Jameis is looking like Joe Montana out there. Deebo is back to bullying people and went off on a horrible Lions team. And despite a fumble, Godwin apparently has earned more of Tommy B’s trust and put up some nice points. Great job this week Melton.
  1. @jonathan (1-0) - 119.60 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.75 | Season High: 6 | Season Low: 6 | Last Week: 6 | Trending: :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Pretty solid week by Jon here and I’m liking the production of his depth pieces as well. His players showed up and, for the most part, did what they were supposed to do, leading to a week 1 win.
  • The Bad:
    Atlanta just didn’t show up and failed to score a single TD. This means Ridley underperformed and don’t have much to say about Pitts just yet. OBJ also suffered some sort of setback in warmups which is always concerning. This isn’t bad, but Josh Allen only put up pedestrian numbers. We expect more out of him this season.
  • The Good: Cooper Kupp looked like the second coming and I’m scared this may be the norm. Nice to see Landry put up some points, and we have Kareem Hunt stealing TDs from Chubb JUST to annoy Alex. I think there’s a lot to be excited about if this team just stays steady.
  1. @gbhart (1-0) - 109.14 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 8 | Season High: 7 | Season Low: 8 | Last Week: 8 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • A nice jump by Garrett to show us he’s got some nice pieces on this team! Stafford is looking straight up deadly now that he’s paired with McVay and LA’s weapons. As an NFC Wester, myself - I’m scared of him. Overall good management skills by Garrett. His bench is noticeably week but had a few guys stand out and mostly played the right ones.
  • The Bad:
    Saquon did next to nothing as the Giants ease him back into shape. And they have a short week this week as they play on Thursday. He’ll be okay in the long run, but not a great start. Also, I was already worried about Gallup, and just as he was on the way to proving me wrong, he gets injured and is on IR for a minimum of 3 weeks. Otherwise, the bench was extremely low scoring with only Christian Kirk and the Steelers kicker doing anything of note.
  • The Good:
    Stafford can make some noise. And nice to see Agholor and Chark both getting TDs for their rookie QBs. and Mixon was a clutch play as he put up 21 pts in the flex.
  1. @PaulDawg (0-1) - 102.12 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 9.75 | Season High: 8 | Season Low: 10 | Last Week: 10 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • Paul promised us his dawgz would fight, and fight they did! I was excited to see some good things out of Paul’s team this week. Depth is still a bit of an issue but only a few tweaks to be made and he’ll get some more wins here before long.
  • The Bad:
    RoJo - what’s going on homie? After a fumble, he took a backseat to Fournette. RoJo has youth, among other factors, on his side, but we’ll have to see what that RB rotation looks like. On a similar note, Damien Harris put up decent stats, but I saw rumors about his fumble potentially losing him some carries, so anther thing to monitor. Otherwise with the depth, I’m just seeing too many '0.00’s across the board.
  • The Good:
    Boldly started Zach Wilson and it mostly paid off with his 18 points. At WR, Lockett showing he’s worth every penny of his extension with 22 points and Coco Loco coming in at an impressive 21.7. Looking pretty Solid with WR and that should help cover up at least a little bit of the RB limitations.
  1. @ventura (0-1) - 98.96 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.75 | Season High: 7 | Season Low: 9 | Last Week: 7 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • I held off on finishing my rankings until after I saw Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake play and I’m glad I did. Jacobs looked good and netted 16 pt. Lack of production across the board for this team but there are some promising bench players that can turn this ship right side up in the coming weeks.
    The Bad:
    The newly improved Zeke only ended up with 3.9 pts. I read that they called 28 run plays and Dak audibled because of coverage out of something like 18 of them, so this isnt necessarily Zeke’s fault. And we got a 0.00 from TE this week which is well… not great. And not a concern yet because he was on the bench, but Herbert only had 13.4 pts this week and I expected more production from him.
  • The Good:
    Kyler Murray. That dude is quick as shit and makes life unbearable for opposing defenses. 5 total TDs and 33pts from him, and I’m thinking that might happen more times than we all want this season. Josh Jacobs looked good last night, and in the run game Jamaal Williams also looked really good, so there is some bench production we can use in the future. Same for bench WRs like Watkins and Cooper.
  1. @IanC (0-1) - 62.90 (this weeks low :frowning: )
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 3.75 | Season High: 5 | Season Low: 10 | Last Week: 5 | Trending: :arrow_double_down:
  • A tough week for the commish. The good news is I don’t see this becoming any sort of theme. Another victim of the Saints dismantling of the Packers, though I’m sure he’d take it if it meant the Saints would look as good as they did. The Ravens just didn’t put up good numbers this week and was the cherry on top to a week we’ll soon put behind us.
  • The Bad: Not enough from your starting RBs at 2.2 from Aaron Jones and 4.9 from Najee Harris, and similarly not enough from 2/3 starting WRs with 2.9 from Quintorris and 1.4 from Sutton
  • The Good: He’s got Lamar who’s going to be tough to contain all season, and Tee Higgins is looking solid with Burreaux. I’m also happy to see production from Dak (27 pts), Swift (16 pts) and Edmonds (10.6 pts) all on the bench and ready to fill a need if we see the starters dip again. Love you Commish, you’re coming back after a weird week 1 and we all know it.