Commish Opinion: Benches

Random Commissioner Opinion coming at you.

We all know a starting lineup is the way to win. There’s no way around that. But what if things don’t go according to plan? One play is all it takes to lose a guy for the season. One bad hit, one wrong movement, one celebrity girlfriend (see Garrett’s post). I wanted to give my two cents on the guys who are most prepared for when worst comes to worst.
In no particular order:

Mike Stock: @mikeastock has some quality options in Ben Tate, Ladarius Green, Teddy Bridgewater, Eric Decker, and Terrance Williams. Mike has all 4 main positions covered if a backup is needed.

Jon Cook: @jonathan has some quality young players in addition to a slew of QBs ready to go. Lee & Wright are potentially useful WRs and Witten is a quality TE for any occasion. Ball & McFadden ain’t bad either.

Ian C: I’ve prided myself in depth everywhere. I had a much better bench with the 5th ranked QB on it, but it is still high quality with WRs like Hilton & Cooks. John Brown has shown sparks of brilliance as well. Terrance West still has potential to be a big star and I have a monopoly on TEs with Reed, Eifert, and the soon addition of Ertz.

Garrett: @gbhart Smith has big game potential & Randle + Royal are great sub WRs. Bell & Miller are great RBs and Crowell has an opportunity to shine. Josh Gordon waiting like Godzilla before his time to errupt. And, at the time of this post, Garrett has the strongest overall QB squad followed by Cook.

Honorable Mentions: @chasenrogers & @ianamunrud

There’s that! Best of luck this week gentlemen. Until next time!