Commissioner Power Rankings - Week 12

We knew this was going to happen. We knew this season was going to come down to the final week. There are five teams (half our league) fighting for the final three playoff spots. There are wonky scenarios that can put any of those five teams in. We will have at least one 6-7 playoff team, and we could have THREE 6-7 playoff teams. I want to thank you all for a hard fought season and I hope you have enjoyed the camaraderie and NFL game as much as I have. I look forward to see how everything is when the dust settles.


  1. TEAM DYNASTY - @IanC . Top seed is locked. This team lost this past week with the third highest score - such is the random scheduling of fantasy football. This team was one Brandon Marshall (who had previously had a high score of 7 for the past 6 weeks) or Michael Thomas play away from winning and being second-highest score. Brandin Cooks for the first time in his career didn’t have a catch (or even a target). It was a weird week to say the least, but this team will march onward. (Last Week’s Rank: 1. Weeks at #1: 2)

  2. Santa Barbara Sailors - @jonathan . The team that has the #2 seed locked up. The QB situation will be an interesting one to monitor in the playoffs. Antonio and Odell continue to be elite plays and the not-quite-proven RBs seem to be holding down the fort well. This team will put up good numbers this week and then enjoy the BYE week. (Last Week’s Rank: 2. Weeks at #2: 2)

  3. America’s Game of the Zeke - @ventura . We got to give credit where it is due I suppose. Drew Brees is a stud and I don’t have to be biased to say it. Ezekiel Elliot has changed this team around. I have no clue how they put up 2nd PF this week with Leonte Carroo (third career catch is a TD after not having a catch since week 1 are you kidding me?) and Anquan Boldin starting. Seriously, Carroo was started in 0% of leagues according to ESPN (which obviously is rounding down because it seems like this is the only team in all of fantasy to start him). I don’t how far this team goes with Boldin as the #1 WR, but given that they are 2nd in PF on the whole season, it seems like Brees and Zeke can carry this team. (Last Week’s Rank: 5. Trending UP 2)

  4. San Francisco Eagles - @awmelman . Going down the PF category, we have this team in 4th place. Oh hey, Aaron Rodgers is a good QB. The story here here for me though is Jamison Crowder. He’s looked good all year (#11 WR) and Jordan Reed is dealing with an injury, so Crowder could receive an increase in looks. Melvin Gordon decided to take his rookie year off apparently, because he is moving like a whole new person. Mark Ingram is a top-10 RB and this team’s other WRs are within the top 25. Additionally, this team has the #1 and #4 TEs in fantasy. It was a tough loss this week, literally the last play before the punt/kneel downs lost it for this team. I’m going to honor the PF category for how consistent this team has been despite its record. (Last Week’s Rank: 6. Trending UP 2)

  5. Brandon McManus - @mikeastock . So…Mike Evans is still the #1 WR in fantasy. Raise your hand if you saw that coming. LIAR! We knew he was good, but come on, this season the guy has been insane. Jordy Nelson is #5. Frank Gore is #12 RB and DAVANTE FREAKING ADAMS (#7) is ruining Randall Cobb owners’ time every week. This team should be in the playoffs that’s all there is to it. (Last Week’s Rank: 4. Trending DOWN 1)

  6. J’ai L’Ebron - @ianamunrud . Whoops. Low score. I’m putting this team here because I think it gets a playoff spot this year. I don’t think this week is going to be pretty necessarily, but I think they get it. This team has all the right names. The numbers are pretty off, but this team has managed to scratch a 6-6 record up to this point with a combo of football knowledge and will power. (Last Week’s Rank: 3. Trending DOWN 3)

  7. All Aboard the Wentz Wagon - @chasenrogers . What a victory this past week! As late as possible for fantasy relevance, this team kept its playoff hopes alive and has made this week all the more interesting for all of us. Colin Kaepernick has made his fantasy presence known these past four weeks, but the big question is which position players are the right options for this team. This team has the hardest path to the playoffs, needing to beat Ian A’s team with a point differential of 34.6 and/or Garrett winning in addition to Chasen winning, but Chasen needs to outscore Garrett by 22.4. The scenarios are not impossible, but it will take a People’s Champion miracle to be playoff bound. (Last Week’s Rank: 8. Trending UP 1)

  8. The Great Gronk Caper - @Alex . Live and die by the Patriots. This team put up a pretty good score despite Gronk not recording a catch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, David Johnson is very very good. This team has some decent matchups this week, so even though they are out of playoff contention, they could play upset to pad their all-time stats. (Last Week’s Rank: 9. Trending UP 1)

  9. LoTR: Return of the Wiener Crusade Revolutions - @PaulDawg . Out of nowhere, our very own Paul Dawg takes down a playoff contender. This team has a healthy batch of starters and looks to play upset in this last week of the regular season. This team can ride into the sunset on its unicorn stoked to see the development of Jameis Winston, Terrelle Pryor Sr. and Malcolm Mitchell. For this final week, this team wants to show up and give the haters something to think twice about. (Last Week’s Rank: 10. Trending UP 1)

  10. Mr. Hemingway I Presume - @gbhart . I think the distance is showing for this team. Despite the geographic separation, they’ve managed to stay in playoff contention all season without a single acquisition used. At one point this team was in 2nd place I believe. But things are trending away from the DeMarco Murray, LeGarrette Blount, VIkings D/ST, Justin Tucker squad. Murray and Crowell are both on BYE this week and the Vikings go up against the worst offense for fantasy defenses. It’s an important week to have fantasy’s #3RB on BYE, as this team is up against one of the contenders for its playoff spot and a loss would all but secure a spot outside the top-6. (Last Week’s Rank: 7. Trending DOWN 3)

That’s it. I love you all and wish you great success in both fantasy and reality. I wish Chasen an easy moving season as this very moment he drives north to the bay for the newest chapter of his life. I hope it doesn’t ever get taken for granted how special this league is with such quality human beings. You all are dear to me and I look forward to see how this all finishes.