Commissioner Power Rankings - Week 4

We are officially a quarter of the way done with the fantasy season (and more or less the NFL regular season). This is the point where things start becoming clear and trends start making sense. It’s also an interesting time because it’s the time a lot of suspensions end, so there’s fresh hope for a lot of teams with that. We’ve learned that the Vikings defense really is that good and that playing in the NFC Championship game has zero affect on the following season. We’ve also learned that certain teams keep finding ways to lose (Browns, Chargers) and sometimes kicking nets will fight back when provoked.
Despite the clarity that starts to occur at this point in the season, ranking this league remains tough. Spots 4-9 are so close to one-another in my head that any given week any team can jump into the playoff picture. But I have to pick, so I will.
With that, I give you a fresh set of power rankings:

  1. TEAM DYNASTY - @IanC . I don’t like putting myself at number 1. At this point in the season however, numbers won’t let me do otherwise. High score two consecutive weeks despite benching Mr. Ryan (come on, it was the Panthers!). League lead in PF. Anything can happen and nothing is guaranteed, but for this moment in time, this team has the #1 QB (benched), #1 WR, and at least one Top-10 player in each position. Cheers. (Last Week’s Rank: 2. Trending UP 1)

  2. Santa Barbara Sailors - @jonathan . As predicted, this team is off to a 4-0 start. It’s been smooth…sailing for this team to start the year. However, this week will be the Sailor’s first real test. After being handed a win last week (only 88 points, 4th lowest), he faces the preseason favorite possibly without reigning MVP Cam Newton. Luckily for him, Brown and Beckham have soft matchups. Speaking of Brown, #2 WR in fantasy so far. Kyle Rudolph #2 TE and Benjamin #8 WR for those keeping track at home. (Last Week’s Rank:1. Trending DOWN 1)

  3. Kelce Lately - @ianamunrud . This team now has a winning streak and after a slow start continues to look towards making its way to the top. They have a tough opponent this week in Jon, but after that, expectations are high the next few weeks. This team has way worse player rankings than some of the teams below it on these power rankings, but my analysis says that this star-studded team continues to move up the standings and PF categories. AJ Green vaulted him from the bottom few to top half in one week. Watch out. (Last Week’s Rank: 3. Weeks at #3: 2)

  4. Mr. Hemingway I Presume - @gbhart . Ok. I’m as surprised as all of you at this as well. I checked and double-checked, but I have to put this team here. Despite it’s record, THIS TEAM IS SECOND IN OUR LEAGUE IN SCORING. This team would have beaten half of our league this week, but it played Amunrud. It’s hard to tell if Garrett is even playing while overseas, but there have been some roster start/sit changes, so he is there everyone! Garrett has FOUR of his starters as the #1 player at their position (incl. D/ST. Go Vikings!). DeMarco Murray is your #1 fantasy RB as of now. Isaiah Crowell? #5. Greg Olsen? You guessed it. #1. DeAndre Hopkins is still very good, but it’s the WRs that are dragging this team down. Good news? We got to see some Paxton Lynch in-game this past week. (Last Week’s Rank:8. Trending UP 4)

  5. Brandon McManus - @mikeastock . I know, I know. I keep ranking Mike here. Hear me out! Despite being 1-3, this team is THIRD in our league in points for. Did you know that? This team just happens to be first in Points Against as well (by over 25 points… Julio says hello). My hesitation for putting this team here is that there is currently NO QB TO PLAY, but Siemian might come back this week. This ranking has a caveat that assumes there will actually be a starting QB (there’s like…2 left on the waiver wire, right? 3 If you count Drew Stanton), because I think they can still win. Jordy’s back. Evans is the #6 WR. Franky G looks 5 years younger. CJ Anderson gets the Falcons defense this week and Dez is out as of now giving Terrance (West?) Williams looks. Oh yeah. Terrance West. (Last Week’s Rank: 5. Week’s at #5: 2)

  6. All Aboard the Wentz Wagon - @chasenrogers . London games are tough when it comes to start/sit. For some reason, I’m not feeling this team right now. It’s weird, because I (like everyone else) love Chasen, but something isn’t gelling here right now. Marvin Jones accrued what I believe will be a more normal total for him this past week (still #3 WR) and I don’t think Latavius Murray is trending in the right direction. I think this team needs some RB help. Also that Cardinals D/ST is ranked 3rd, but hasn’t looked good to me in-game. The good news? Emmanuel Sanders and Fitz are top-10 WRs in addition to Jones. Doug Baldwin is on bye, but he’s a starter too, so there are good pieces here. (Last Week’s Rank:4. Trending DOWN 2)

  7. We Don’t Pass 'Round Here - @awmelman . I had this team higher before making adjustments because I was impressed with the 3rd highest score of the week last week. This team is middle-of-the-pack in PF and Will Fuller V looks to be the real deal. Melvin Gordon? #2 RB in fantasy right now. This team has the building blocks to grow. The WRs aren’t there yet, but Wallace, Crowder, and Dorsett at least have upside - the coach will just have to pick the right ones each week. (Last Week’s Rank:6. Trending DOWN 1)

  8. The Boys Are Back In Town - @ventura . My initial rankings had this team much higher, but BYE weeks for the Seahawks (RB, D/ST) and Chiefs (WR) lowered them for this week. In my opinion, this team has had the most interesting season thus far. You would think losing your starting RBs from a season ago (Woodhead, Stewart) would make this team doomed, but Christine Michael’s Awakening has softened the blow and the draft pickup of Elliot has gone as planned so far. I think if Kevin White or Artis-Payne realize their potential, this team has a shot at playoffs this year. (Last Week’s Rank:7. Trending DOWN 1)

  9. THE WIENER - @PaulDawg . Baby steps. This team has begun it’s ascent. Wh00ps on not playing Big Ben last week (I didn’t play Matty Ice, so we good). The current RBs remain unpromising, but this is team upside when it comes to WRs. Paul’s starting three receivers are exciting players and number one on their respective squads (granted those squads are the Bears, Vikings, and Browns, but those are just details…). Travis Benjamin is arguably the Chargers number one as well. This team is always playing the long game for the upsides, but hey, at least the upsides are somewhat realistic on this team!
    (Last Week’s Rank:10. Trending UP 1)

  10. No QB, No TE, All Problems - @Alex . Lowest score last week. RBs going down down down. WRs inconsistent. Gostowski got -1 points? Gronk has 1.1 pts on the season. Man… Jamaal is on bye this week which is ultimately to his good I think. At the time of this writing, Justin Forsett does not have a team. This is not a team on the up. Where’s the good news? David Johnson remains as advertised, Michael Crabtree is not only #5 WR, but has been extremely consistent this year. Also, the guy from the Uggs ad is back. (Last Week’s Rank:9. Trending DOWN 1)

That concludes this week’s rankings. Blessings to each of you and good luck this week!