Commissioner Power Rankings - Week 7 (2017)

In a year where David Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr., and Aaron Rodgers are all out with season-long or almost-season-long injuries and Ezekiel Elliot is battling suspensions and the Jets won a few games and 0-5 Giants go to Denver and beat the Broncos on a Sunday night I JUST DON’T KNOW.
How can we possibly guess anything anymore?

6 weeks in (that’s 46+% of the regular season gone), we have 8 of 10 teams with 3-3 records or better. The games continue as we enter the half-way point of our regular season. I have a feeling after one more week, we’re going to be none the wiser when it comes to who this year’s champion will be. On to the rankings!

Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. Santa Barbara Sailors - @jonathan . This is all Kareem Hunt and Antonio Brown. Both are first in their respective positions. Alex Smith is #2 QB and up against Oakland this week. The man got married and he pulled off a fantasy win in the past week. Best week ever in my opinion. (Last Week’s Rank: 4. Trending UP 3)

  2. TEAM DYNASTY - @IanC . Another week, another 100+ point opponent. This team is still first (worst?) in PA at 669 after 6 weeks. Only one other team is over the 600 mark at this point. For those keeping track, this team is facing an average of 111.5 points each week. Perhaps that changes this week, but if Zeke plays it’s all right back into it. Facing that PA adversity, this team is 2nd in PF (0.8 above Melton) and has decent matchups this week. I’m hoping 11 yards from Michael Thomas and 19 yards from T.Y. Hilton are outliers moving forward. (Last Week’s Rank: 3. Trending UP 1)

  3. Brandon McManus - @mikeastock . I came into this post anticipating this team being first or second in the power rankings, but Deshaun Watson is on BYE. The rookie QB is FIRST in fantasy points for all players. Watson and Mahomes were my favorite QBs in this year’s draft class, and Deshaun has done his part to make the Texans an interesting team to watch. Also he’s a good guy (at least with his paychecks so far). The loss of Aaron Rodgers also means Adams’ and Nelson’s values will go down. This team is still very dangerous with Gurley and Evans and you know Nelson will still put up points, but the Packers QB going down is still a blow to this team. (Last Week’s Rank: 1. Trending DOWN 2)

  4. San Francisco Eagles - @awmelman . Melton looked like a GENIUS last week starting Cousins over Rodgers. It was a bold strategy cotton and it definitely paid off. This is the most interesting team of the 2017 season so far in my opinion. Lose Dalvin Cook, has McKinnon. Shortly after AP is traded and Mark Ingram blows up. Melvin Gordon keeps rolling after looking like a rookie bust two years ago. Aaron Rodgers goes down just a short time after this team trades Alex Smith for WR depth, but Kirk Cousins is still a top 10 guy after putting up fantasy’s highest output for a player in week 6 (Saints D got 32 :smirk:). Will Fuller has only played 3 of the 6 possible weeks and goes into his bye week as the #20 WR after catching 5 TDs in 3 games. With Bilal Powell getting back and Chris Ivory waiting for a chance if something happens to Fournette, this team is weirdly still ok. OH AND CJ BEATHARD IS STARTING NOW. Seriously the most interesting back and forth for the team that lost Dalvin Cook and Aaron Rodgers. (Last Week’s Rank: 5. Trending UP 1)

  5. All Aboard the Wentz Wagon - @chasenrogers . Big scare with Fournette this past week. This team has such an interesting setup with Wentz as the #4QB in fantasy right now, Fournette with a TD in literally every single NFL game he’s ever played, and Larry Fitzgerald looking like Larry Fitzgerald. This team needs another WR to show up - whether Baldwin, Jackson, or Funchess. The biggest waiting game for this team though is the possibility of having a Cowboys RB to play. I don’t think the run game is going to be as good as it’s been in the past two years, but I think whoever the starting Cowboys RB is gets to be a top 15 option week in and week out. (Last Week’s Rank: 6. Trending UP 1)

  6. Brady is Bae and Bae is life - @Alex . This lineup is so confusing to me, but you can’t argue with results. Chris Thompson is fantasy’s #8RB right now. Chris Hogan is WR8 after a 1.9 point performance in week 6. Gronk gonna Gronk. I have this team down a bit this week mostly due to matchups. I’m not sure who Marcus Peters in KC will be covering (Cooper or Crabtree), but that could play a big part in how that game goes. I’m hoping for an Atlanta/New England shootout for selfish reasons, so we’ll see how it all plays out. (Last Week’s Rank: 2. Trending DOWN 4)

  7. Dez Mitches Be Crazy - @ianamunrud . I’m a little stubborn. From that stubbornness I still have 0 worries for this team. This team is down here because it’s only fair, but I still think they’re making playoffs this year no problem. Hyde and Ajayi have great matchups and the Panthers D goes up against a rookie QB. Mitchell T may be the future, but the future is apparently not now (sad face). No matter - this team will look to continue off its win this past week. (Last Week’s Rank: 7. Weeks at #7: 4)

  8. @mikeastock - @gbhart . I love that you kept the name last week. This team was a top-half scorer this past week and is looking to turn their season around. That Josh McCown pickup was pretty good! Here’s what we’ve got: DeAndre Hopkins is WR2 due to Deshaun Waton taking the fantasy world by storm. Duke Johnson is RB12 from his use in the Brown’s passing game. DeMarco Murray / Derrick Henry will always have a good game and the Titans get the Browns this week. They have a tough matchup against the Sailors, but they’re up for the challenege. (Last Week’s Rank: 10. Trending UP 2)

  9. The Unicorned Spirits - @PaulDawg .This team got a great picture this past week and is looking to use that for momentum as they head to face a Watsonless Stock team. There are a ton of things to look at here. While I may have advised keeping Stafford, Winston is the future. But then Winston goes and gets injured. But then he could be day-to-day so he’s just kinda injured. Also Adrian Peterson decided to make a comeback. If this is is a sign of things to come, Paul’s team just got a whole lot more dangerous. Evan Engram is TE5 and will continue to see tons of targets with the WR troubles in NY. Diggs should be back, but faces a tough matchup. Alshon has at least 70 yards in two of his last three games. I think there’s a lot of good going on with this team. There is some young talent and players just waiting for their turn to go nuts (Mack, Perkins, Golladay, Hurns, Gallman, etc.). Oh and how 'bout that Jags D? (Last Week’s Rank: 9. Weeks at #9: 2)

  10. If Zeke’s Good We’re Good - @ventura . This spot assumes Zeke is suspended this week. We got a taste of what a Zeke-less and Parkerless team can look like. I like Keenan Allen and Brees, but then there’s a mess. If the Pats game is a shootout, Amendola could see ten points. The good news for Buck Allen? The most RB points scored on the Vikings have been from RBs who can catch. I think the team name is very appropriate. (Last Week’s Rank: 8. Trending DOWN 2)

That’s it for this week gents. Keep November 19th locked in your calendars for our annual BWW day. It’s only a month out!! Much love to each of you - interacting with this league continues to be a highlight in this season of my life and I am thankful for each of you daily.