CSV Stats and their regard to a web scraper

CSV Stats

What stats are people looking for:

  • player
  • team

Do you want an automated way to get csv files of data every week?

How do I do this?

We want player / team / position and every category that we are tracking for point values. Whether passing yards, fumbles, 50+yd field goals, etc.

Player stats would be preferable as we don’t usually have an entire team (unless you’re me). If we can get csv files posted each week of the players performance on thursday/sunday/monday then I can format it to be a bit prettier/easier to digest.

I’m all about that prettier/easier to digest!

I marked “team” as a category I would like to see.
So like:
Player Name - Team - Pos. - Yds. Passing - Yds. Receiving - etc.

And if it can the columns can be sortable that would be lovely.
Apparently sortable isn’t a word, but you know what I mean.

http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ has everything you would need for stats. as for what I would like to see: Name, Team, Pos, Passing (when relevant),INT thrown (when relevant), INT ret’d for TD (when relevant), Receiving, Rushing, TD rushing, TD receiving.

Next section is only for defenses:
Team, sacks, Y/A, INT, INT for TD, TDs against, TDs for (I’m probably forgetting something important)

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Could we say that we want
Name, Team, Position

and then every stat that our Fantasy League has points for? Then it would only be relevant stats to the league.

Status on this?