People's Power Rankings - Week 2 (2021)

Alright boys! Week 2 in the books and it was a fun one. A familiar face back at Numero Uno and a ton of movement across the board. I’m not actually sure I have a single person at their same spot as last week. Will Chasen continue to get the author’s point boost?! Or will he snap back to reality? Read on to find out…

Week 2 Power Rankings:

  1. @ianamunrud (1-1) - 130.80 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 1 | Season High: 1 | Season Low: 2 | Last Week: 2 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • The reigning champ dialed in in this week and is back on top of the power rankings. And the scary thing is, his week could have been a lot better
  • The Bad:
    Not necessarily ‘bad’ but the concern here is Kittle isn’t getting a lot of looks with the niners, and we didnt see much production out of Tyreke Hill and AJ Brown. Bench production wasnt TOO much better but I’m not worried.
  • The Good:
    The benefit of having such a stacked roster. The player who scored 26 pts last week only had 2.9 this week, yet the rest of the team bounced back. Aaron Rodgers looked like himself and Derrick Henry is just a terror with over 41 points. 4 starters scored 5 points or less and Ian still got the 2nd highest total of the week.
  1. @Alex (2-0) - 117.74 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 4| Season High: 2 | Season Low: 4 | Last Week: 4 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • Alex with a nice, deserved jump up the power rankings. One of two 2-0 teams and there’s tons of room for even more improvement, which is scary if your name is anything other than Alex.
  • The Bad:
    Aiyuck may be out of the doghouse in terms of snap allocation (2nd on the team), but didnt see many targets and the ones he got were mostly overthrown. Might need to see more from Aiyuck before he gets more time. A total of 0.6 points over 2 weeks is not good. We also saw 0.8 points out of Higbee and 2.8 out of Waddle. Not concerning long term, but those kind of performances can kill you so we’ll need to get that ironed out.
  • The Good:
    Alex’s reliance on Tommy B, CMC, and Chubb continue to pay off - they killed it. And the patriots D/ST paid off w/ 4 sacks and 4 int. And the good news is, Zack Moss saw some goalline action and vultured 2 TDs and Tim Patrick looks like a nice pickup with 9.7 points.
  1. @jonathan (2-0) - 107.76 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.75 | Season High: 3 | Season Low: 6 | Last Week: 6 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • Jonathan keeps climbing the rankings. He’s calm, cool, collected and his team has certainly been analyzing their GM/Coaches spreadsheets, leading to optimal performance. He’s one of two in the league with a 2-0 record and that should be recognized. Good start, Jon.
  • The Bad:
    Not necessarily bad… but I still expect much more from Josh Allen. Two weeks in a row I’ve had the same thing to say about him. Miles Sanders didn’t score much, but the Niners DLine is something else so thats understandable. And while Henderson put up good numbers, he’s Questionable for next week and that could hurt. The other blow to this team just got announced, but Landry has been placed on IR with an MCL sprain, so he’s out at minimum 3 weeks.
  • The Good:
    Last week I said Cooper Kupp looked like the second coming and he has only continued that. 27.8 points?! Sheesh. Otherwise, solid contributions across the board from Ekeler and Ridley and we have some bench players to keep an eye on.
  1. @IanC (1-1) - 155.58
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 3.75 | Season High: 4 | Season Low: 10 | Last Week: 10 | Trending: :arrow_double_up:
  • I never planned on ever giving someone a jump like this, but i just felt it was deserved. From lowest score last week, to top score this week, The Commish showed us he’s not going anywhere. And why should we expect otherwise? He’s constantly found ways to field an annoyingly competitive team and he won’t go down without a fight. Amazing job this week.
  • The Bad:
    Only thing I can write that was bad was just picking the wrong QB two weeks in a row and they are hard to figure out. Dak only had 7pts after throwing a pick and 0TD.
  • The Good:
    Everything else. Would have had, what, 180 pts if he started Lamar? Ridiculous. And John Harbaugh’s trust in Lamar should be applauded. We’ll see more gutsy performances this season from them, I’m sure. Aaron Jones went off for 35 pts, Carson only nets 31 yards but gets 2 TDs, and the Bears D/St gets 21 points. Ridiculous. Even have Julio getting nearly 13 points, and thats AFTER he gets a TD removed on a terrible call.
  1. @mikeastock (0-2) - 98.02 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 2.75 | Season High: 1 | Season Low: 5 | Last Week: 1 | Trending: :arrow_double_down:
  • I can’t drop this guy too much, but with less than 98 points and starting 0-2, some movement had to be made. There’s still a ton of potential on this team, but the volatility so far is a bit of a concern.
  • The Bad:
    Kamara and Antonio Brown both stunk it up this week. And in something I’ve never seen before… his kicker didn’t attempt a single FG or extra point this weekend, netting 0 points. Also, he thought ahead and grabbed Hasty to pick up where Mostert left off, which looked smart, but then Hasty realized he was a 49er and decided to get hurt. And int eh bad, I’ll go ahead and just say not playing some bigtime WR producers in Mike Evans and Mike Williams.
  • The Good:
    The WRs on this team are amazing. Devante Adams, Deandre Hopkins, Kelce, McLaurin, Mike Evans, Mike Williams… it’s actually getting difficult to play them all. If we see these players put up points consistently, and assuming they get started by coach Stock, then I think we’ll see a bounce back.
  1. @chasenrogers (1-1) - 102.72 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.25 | Season High: 3 | Season Low: 6 | Last Week: 3 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • My time in the top 3 was as brief as it was fun. But my team struggled a bit across the board with only a few exceptions. And depth is starting to concern me even more.
  • The Bad:
    Six starters with single digit point totals = bad. Robinson and Fournette are both in RB by Committee situations which sucks for fantasy and theres not a ton of bench production here that would make for an easy swap.
  • The Good:
    QBs are looking good still. Mahomes is carrying me but Jalen Hurts is looking pretty capable as a fill in if needed. DJ Moore looking like a great acquisition and Tonyan coming through as a reliable target for Rodgers. Got to see my top Rookie get some decent points for the horrendous Jets, so we’re hoping that continues.
  1. @awmelman (1-1) - 81.04 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 9 | Season High: 5 | Season Low: 9 | Last Week: 5 | Trending: :arrow_down_small::
  • After an amazing week last week, and a tremendous ‘drop the mic’ moment in Slack this week with the renaming of Charbs, we are seeing a slight slide down the rankings this week.
  • The Bad:
    Tough week to see Jameis fall off a bit and perhaps show us who he is. Amazing some weeks, and subpar other weeks. Hard to have a boom or bust guy lead at QB. Also, Gibson should be scoring more points but WFT keeps letting other backs get his carries and his points, which is killing me (as I have gibson in my redraft league lol). Rest of the team was decent, but can’t have your QB and top two RBs getting less than 9 points each.
  • The Good:
    WRs are looking very solid. Godwin, JJ, and Deebo all putting up numbes and Hockenson is looking like a Goff favorite. And we even have some nice looking WRs on his bench, so there’s lots of depth to work with.
  1. @ventura (1-1) - 87.30 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 5.75 | Season High: 7 | Season Low: 9 | Last Week: 9 | Trending: :arrow_up_small:
  • Actually getting a little bit of a boost up the rankings due to record and due to overall points, but was very close to keeping this team down at the 9 spot due to some close calls with roster management this week. If not for Mr Dr Father J’s gracious reminders - We’d be looking at a pretty bad point total and an 0-2 record.
    The Bad:
    Steelers D/ST looked like anything but the steel curtain, giving up 26 points to the Raiders and netting -1 fantasy points. Otherwise, just struggled to see much production from skill players, with 7 total players getting single-digit points.
  • The Good:
    Kyler Murray looking like an MVP and Zeke bounced back to lead this team. Keenan Allen still looks good with over 100 yds receiving and even got a… tackle…? Nice job by these guys and it, for now, looks like Josh Jacobs isnt expected to be out long which is huge for this team.
  1. @PaulDawg (0-2) - 83.10 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 9.75 | Season High: 8 | Season Low: 10 | Last Week: 8 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • Slight slide down for Paul, but thats more due to other teams stepping up than due to Paul’s team regressing. He’s got some ballers on this team, and you can see flashes of what they are capable of.
  • The Bad:
    Golladay didn’t look happy on the sideline after yelling at Jason Garrett and I guess his 38 yards explains it. He didn’t look great. The other bad is Mike Davis probably isnt an ideal starting RB. Only 6.3 points, I’m expecting some aggressive moves out of this wildcard to improve on that.
  • The Good:
    Danny Dimes was a great choice to start, with 29 points and Damien Harris was a good move for Paul. Lockett still proving his worth with another big week and Ruggs showing he’s worth his draft slot getting 17.5 points. And Gronk, man… just keeps up putting up huge numbers. It’ll be interesting to see how the year plays out for other players like Cory Davis and Tyler Boyd. I’ve always believed in both of them and if they start putting up numbers again that would be HUGE for paul.
  1. @gbhart (1-1) - 65.22 points
    Avg. Preseason Rank: 8 | Season High: 7 | Season Low: 10 | Last Week: 7 | Trending: :arrow_down_small:
  • A much tougher week this week for Garrett, so we’re sliding down the rankings a little bit. Outside of his QB, the top scoring starter on the team had 7.10 points. Yikes.
  • The Bad:
    Mentioned it above, but the starters struggled from top to bottom. Even Stafford fell back to earth a little bit, and Saquon is not looking like himself as he bounces back from the ACL. And the tough news is, his bench has 3 positions taken up by QBs who got 0, -0.3, and -1.0 points respectively, along with a decent amount of zeros across the board. Injuries hurt and I think waivers are going to become important here.
  • The Good:
    I’m not worried about Stafford. 17pts this week was low for him and he’ll put up big numbers many more times this year. A couple of gems on the bench (Osborn with 15 pts and AJ Green with 10pts) show that theres some room for improvement, even if its tough to know when they’ll replicate those performances.