Post Draft Rankings

After a thrilling draft I will now try to do the impossible and accurately rank the teams. This is not a dynasty ranking, but how I see the standings at the end of the regular season. Starting with worst to best:

  • TENTH - @awmelman took the honors of this spot on my pre draft rankings and gets the honors again this time around. His team is old and talented, however I fear that the old overpowers the talent. While Melton might prove me wrong, who better to epitomize “last shall be first”?
  • NINTH - @VENTURAGETONTHEWEBSITENOW loves to YOLO. And he certainly did that with his draft. He has yolo, he has swag, he has MATT PRATER. Will he still lose despite it? Was 5th round pick 2 a reach? Absolutely, on both accounts.
  • EIGHTH - @gbhart I just have a funny feeling that injuries are going to haunt him again and he will need first year depth. I am definitely hoping this placement is wrong and that I am pleasantly surprised. If I am right though, at least there will be alcohol to make the process more fun!
  • SEVENTH - @jonathan DEPTH DEPTH DEPTH. That’s what I see in his team. He’ll be low in the rankings this year, but don’t expect him to stay here more than a year. He is built to succeed in the long run.
  • SIXTH - @PaulDawg takes the last play off position and the first one in this ranking. He is definitely a win now team. However he has a lot of risky picks in my mind that might not pan out completely. He’s here in the rankings, but sort of a wild card. Just the way he likes it.
  • FIFTH - @chasenrogers I don’t trust DeSean Jackson. If I did, I’d bump Big CR up a spot. A good team built to succeed now, with some depth on the bench.
  • FOURTH - @Alex did way better than I thought he would last year. So I bumped him up a few more spots than I was originally going to place him. Again investing heavily in NE, with 5 possible starters and 2 depth players. Will it pay off? I sure as hell hope not. Not because I hate Alex, but because I hate the patriots.
  • THIRD - @mikeastock has a lot of talent on his team. I don’t like his TE position much, but that is a position you can get away with having weak. Not a huge fan of Andre Johnson at all, but have a feeling I’m going to be surprised. Plus Stock has a chip on his shoulder from last year and is going to be fighting hard to win.
  • SECOND - @ianamunrud, myself I tentatively place in the top two. I believe this is a bit of wishful thinking, but really hope not. I like my WR core and QB situation. My RBs are weak, but staying injury free I can see myself in the top two. But everyone knows I’ve got a bit of an ego and would usually evaluate myself as top 3 in everything I do. So who can even trust anything I say here?
  • FIRST - @IanC has a very balanced team with good players in all positions. He has good back ups as well and depth in the (dynasty) long run. I see him in first this season, and see him at the top often in this league. He’s good. But Chasen is the better Ian. So there’s that.

I made a whole report card last night, but it got lost in Chasen/Amunrud’s internet.

I believe my rankings (without witty commentary) was similar to

Ten. Melton
Nine. Ventura
Seven-a. Miyake
Seven-b. Hart
Five-a. Stock
Five-b. Chasen
Four. Johnson
Three. Charbonnet
Two. Cook
One. Amunrud

(my pre-draft rankings to compare)

Paul (ouch)

Also, I cannot believe @gbhart 's new team picture. Such Matt Berry

Also also I hope Matt Prater sets a fantasy kicking points record by miles this year in honor of Ventura’s pick. I also owe him a beer.

It’d be fun to have a few more preseason power rankings to look at as we head into week 1.

Perhaps @Alex @jonathan or @chasenrogers would care to share their thoughts?

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Here’s my list.

  1. IMC (except for Manziel)
  2. IMA
  3. JDC
  4. AMJ
  5. GBH
  6. MAS
  7. CR
  8. PM
  9. AV
  10. AWM
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Maybe the numbers guy ( @jonathan) or the random facts guy ( @Alex) could tell us what the aggregate spot is for each team after a few people put votes in.

If/when I remember to, I plan on doing power rankings each week on ESPN’s website. If people are interested, I could make a thread that you could put your predictions and they could either be compared to the commissioner or what I put onto ESPN could be the aggregate of that thread on a given week.

My list:

  1. Me

All other positions mean nothing.

Welp. there’s another reason to want to bring you down to spot #10. LET’S DO THIS

Operation “Not Shipping THE JACKMAN To Boston” has begun.

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at the start of week 7, @jonathan looks to have the closest match so far.