State of the League

I would love if our commissioner recorded a video at the halfway point in the season, giving his “state of the league.” I want his thoughts on how the league is doing, why the heck Jon Cook’s team can’t go on a winning streak of more than 1, and his predictions for who will find themselves in the playoffs and ultimately with THE JACKMAN.

This is my request.


My win streak would only be limited by the number of times I play you consecutively (@IanC)


Sorry @IanC this isn’t happening probably ever

Poor taste Michael Stock, I believe as the league commissioner it is your league given responsibility to inform of us of any current conditions of the league. I think @IanC is simply providing you an easy option for fulfilling such a responsibility.

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I mean…you really could just sit at your computer from home and do one of two things:

  1. seriously tell us how we are doing a la presidential state of the union
  2. just say dumb things cuz you don’t care and troll us.

either way, it’s winning

I volunteer. I’ll bury you in so much shit talk you suffocate and die.

wow that’s…quite brutal.
See @mikeastock, if you don’t do it, Jon’s going to get violent with his mean words. I’d rather be able to sleep at night. :slight_smile:

Excited for @IanC’s State of the League as commissioner! #peacefultakeover

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