Waiver Order for a new season.

I decided to type this up because despite the claim that no one uses the website, I would rather send what traffic I can here as opposed to giving the other 7 or so members of our league 40 notifications on their phones.
So this is what I’m thinking everyone ( including @Alex, @gbhart, and @ianamunrud )

We have not decided what to do with waiver order after this first season ends.
We want to promote people being involved in the draft each season.

We have already determined draft order (reverse regular season standings + how many drops you have). I believe to move people to the draft, we need to continue to only have waivers unlock the Monday of the NFL’s season’s start. During the offseason, only trading would be had to keep the free-agents eligible for the draft. This way, the way to get the top free agents is to be a part of the draft.

After the draft, we want to avoid having first pick of the draft receive the first waiver, so I propose this:

The highest waiver spots go to teams who fulfill this criteria:

  1. Did not participate in the draft
    1a. if more than 1 team, then reverse season standings between the teams.

  2. every team that participated in the draft would receive their waiver order in regular season standing. This way, the team with the worse spot in the draft (the first chance to pick players) would have a better spot at the next opportunity for players.

from there the standard “once you get a pick, you move to the end of the waiver list” policy would go back into place.

That’s my idea!

But why does the waiver order have to change at all?
We set an order and the order will keep changing while we go through the regular season. If people think their team isn’t good enough and need to make a pick to change that they make their pick and move to the bottom of the waivers. Can we not just have that system be in place through the offseason? Whoever feels they need someone from FA (or Waivers) at the end of the season (before the off season starts) they make their move with no penalty for doing so since the order is going to restart. And those that feel their team is fine don’t make a move, wait to see who the draft will contain and then are free to make their moves after the offseason is off. It just seems the most fair to keep the waiver order as it lands at the end of the season. I mean we voted for it to carry over week to week. Since our league is a dynasty league the offseason is really more of a “extra long” week. I think it makes the most sense to carry over through the offseason.

There is already enough leveling out of teams with the draft being set up as it is that the waiver order being reset to level things out more seems excessive.

I do however agree that we should keep things the way they are in the constitution with the offseason being trade only and no waivers/free agents.

I would love to hear more people chime in about how they think waivers should be determined at the beginning of each season.

I feel like there needs to be some kind of reset each year, but I want to gather some more opinions. I’m not sure I can place my finger on why I want the waiver order to change at the start of the season.

I feel like the waiver reset feels less dynasty-y to me. Feels much more like a redraft thing.

My opinion is as follows:

Reset of the waivers has no bearing on the dynastic feel of the league. It does not make sense to have the waivers unaffected by the previous seasons performance, given that those who performed the best in the previous season will have no chance to pick up solid rookie (or whatever free agent) talent during the next seasons draft. Without a reset, the person in last place would be smart to not make any picks during last week because they won’t be moving up much in all likelihood and then they can get a first order pick on two levels the following season start (given that it is far more likely that those in playoff contention will make end of season acquisitions).

What are we defining as the offseason? I was under the impression that offseason for our league started the minute after the jackman title game is complete? It is not defined in the constitution so an official definition would be nice.

It’s just gonna be a pointless debate. So my vote is cast and consider me out of the conversation.

I like the off season to be officially begun either on the Monday after our championship game (week 17 of the NFL regular season) or the Monday after the NFL’s Super Bowl.

I think I prefer the former, but those are the two valid options in my eyes.

I’d prefer to preserve waiver order from the end of the regular season with the start of the offseason on the Monday after the championship game and ending the Monday before Week 1 games.

My vote is for open waivers all offseason and the draft as only a rookie draft. This would make the draft an exciting opportunity to care about the best players in college and the keeping the waivers open keeps us interested in offseason happenings. If there is no one in agreement with me, I don’t really care about the waiver order at the beginning of the season and place my allegiance with @ianamunrud, because he hasn’t had a lot of allies in these debates.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong,

but I believe we have 3 votes to keep waiver order from the end of the season (Amunrud, Jon, & Garrett) with 2 for resetting (Ian C & Alex).

We have 2 people who think the offseason should start the day after our championship game (Jon & Ian C) with no opinions otherwise.

We have 3 votes to not have waivers during the offseason (2 Ian’s and 1 Alex from GroupMe I believe) and 1 to continue waivers (Garret).

I would be interested in voting on what Garrett has proposed. I don’t think that idea has been brought up yet in our debates/votes. (correct me if I’m wrong) I think it is something worth discussing and then voting on.

If I recall, it was voted on given that we voted to close waivers during the offseason and leave it open to trades only. I don’t feel this will hamper rookie investment, given that there will be very few legitimate veterans on the waivers with 220 players on rosters.

Additionally, my vote is also to close waivers immediately following the league championship.

I also vote to close waivers during the offseason, immediately following the league championship.