Website Ideas!

Put your ideas for the website here for Mike to refer to as he builds the site!

I would love to have the current standings always available on the home screen.
Some kind of photo on the cover that will change over the course of the season. Maybe put up stuff by funny photoshoppers like Andrew Ventura on occasion.

I would love to have a place to upload videos too.

Maybe have the current NFL standings and schedule only be a click away from the home screen.

Also our current schedule should be available on the home page once we’ve established it. Also nice to check and see who is playing who on the webpage.

I agree with your ideas @IanC!

  • current standings
  • perhaps chump of the week / stud of the week section / upset of the week sections
  • Matchups to look forward to, perhaps
  • If trash talk is consistent, you could have a “Quote of the week” for the quote that takes the cake haha.

Just some ideas. I’ll keep posting as others come to mind.

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I’d like to have a list of the names given each week for the losing team.

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I like quote of the week.

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Would we want a poll each week for the previous week’s quote? Or will we have Mike pick the best one?

Also, I assume we want THE JACKMAN to be the visible title on the website, yes?

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Yes, absolutely

@mikeastock are we able to have the standings and current match-ups up on this site? on the front page if possible.

Chasen just likes being stud of the week every week

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