Weekly Active Roster Amendment and Anti-Tanking Rule

I vote yes to implement the recently drawn up Active Roster Amendment and Anti-Tanking Rule. Thanks for drafting the document to both Ians.

I vote yes

I also vote yes.

If Ian A does not reply, I believe it is fair to say he is a “yes” as well as he and I drafted this together.

I’m a yes so that’s 4.

I’m a yes betches


Sounds good, I’ll vote yes.

I like agreeing to things, so yes



I am in agreement. Just want to make sure that no team will be penalized for not having a complete lineup, because they don’t want to use an acquisition. The language seems to indicate that, but I just wanted to confirm.

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Yes that is the point of the language. No penalty for choosing to not use acquisitions

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I’m a yes, with the caveat that we should all be gentlemen so we never use or abuse these rules.

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