Weekly Wound Up (Week 2)

Alright y’all, this has been the hype train season. The get people back to thejackman.org season. The hot takes season. I was actually briefly considering doing power rankings before Chasen came out of nowhere and dropped his rankings like a bomb. So I’ve decided to pivot into a different weekly column. Introducing to you: Weekly Wound Up. This article (and futures to come, if I keep up with it) will be a place for me to breakdown things to look for in the next week. I’ll be focusing on matchups, certain games, certain players, etc. The template might evolve as I go, but for now I’ll start with the top of the rankings and work my way down. I’ll do a little “How we got here” to talk about their current standings and then “what to look for” as I break down the coming week. And then break down each matchup briefly. I’ll wind up getting wound up with this round up, hence the name. Also…if I wind you up a little bit that’s all part of the fun too! Now let’s get started!

  1. @awmelman

How we got here: Andrew “Money Bags” Melton clearly bought his way to the top of the standings. Spending $79 of his FAAB he’s found himself top dog…earning the right to ruthlessly rename the commish, and beating myself along the way.

What to look for: I think the big story line for this team this week is Trey Sermon. After a shocking healthy scratch, this team was forced to start Rashaad Penny who promptly got injured while getting 0.8 points. Luckily the rest of the team blew up and crushed my dreams of an undefeated season. It’s okay…I’ll get to me later.

  1. @chasenrogers

How we got here: This poorly built team clearly only got here by luck. The GM is bad, he doesn’t even know how to trade! WTF. I mean…I guess having the #2 QB, #5 RB helps a little bit…and having a few young high ceiling WRs, but nah…it’s got to be luck. I’m convinced. Or maybe it’s the People. The People got their Champion to this point.

What to look for: I hate to go back to back RB with the what to look for but man…James Robinson is one to look for. Is urban really gonna stick with feeding Carlos Hyde more? They were both similarly efficient with 5.0 ypc and both getting a couple looks in the passing game too. It’ll be interesting to see if the jags will continue to split them evenly or if one will get the hot hand and take over the game. J Rob is looking to be a potential boom or bust for the People’s Champion.

  1. @Alex

How we got here: I’m fairly certain Alex put old man Tom Brady on his diet. Tom definitely started taking what Mr Doctor himself recommended. And boy is it paying off for Alex’s team. Oh and having the RB2 and RB3 in the league helps too… Alex’s team is eager to hop right on their backs all the way to third (for now)

What to look for: Aiyuk…what’s been going on? It honestly would have been better for Aiyuk to get the Sermon treatment so at least Alex would know to not play him. Reports are that Aiyuk has learned his lesson and will be back to starting. Will be interesting to see if the Kyle Doghouse rested him up ready to go for this week.

  1. @jonathan

How we got here: Sailing right into 4th place in the standings, Jon got here by spreading the points around. Just really even contributions around his lineup with 7 out of 10 players getting double digits and all with fewer than 18 points. Jon clearly figured out that the way to win is to spread the points. He probably did some sweet calculations and let his team know what to do and they all cooperated.

What to look for: A stud. This team is desperate for a stud. Who is gonna step up? With all the points spread evenly this week, it’s not gonna always be the case. He’ll need to bank on a stud (or two) blowing up and helping carry the team. Will it be Ridley? Sanders? Rams D/ST? It’s certainly worth looking for.

  1. @gbhart

How we got here: Stafford, Taylor, and Mixon combined for more than half of Garrett’s points last week. This team clearly got here by trading with me. Take notes folks. I’m here just ready to be fleeced. Come and get me. Garrett certainly made use of a few of the players I’ve traded him. After a few unfortunate trades (okay fine also with me) Garrett relied on traded for players for a narrow first week victory.

What to look for: Which stud will blow up? This team seems to be relying on their studs to carry them to victory. I am writing this week’s article after TNF has already been played so spoiler alert it’s not Saquon yet. Will it be Mixon and/or Taylor? Also is Matty Staff gonna continue to dominate all season now that he’s with the Rams? A juicy Rams/Colts Matchup is truly the one to look for.

  1. @PaulDawg

How we got here: Paul’s wildcard predictions were just off. If he weren’t so greedy asking for 3 Wilson to Coco TDs, 2 Lockett TDs, and Ruggs being Hill 2.0 and was just realistic and asked for just a little bit less maybe he would have gotten the 7.03 points he needed to win this week. His greediness got him here. A little less greedy and a little more wildcard paul and you just might get to where you want to be.

What to look for: Another player in the dog house with RoJo getting benched after fumbling and getting - points last week. Apparently he’s responded well in practice and is back to starting. But then also apparently Rojo, Fournette, and Gio are "all starters.” I think Rojo is the x factor here. This team desperately needs help at the running back position. If Rojo can find some of his RB15 energy from last season then this team is ready to compete next week.

  1. @mikeastock

How we got here: He insulted the People’s Champion, and then said champion had something to say about that. I think the lesson here is don’t piss off Chasen. Lol.

What to look for: There are actually lots of things to look for so I’ll just mention the two that stand out for me. Adams and the packers. Just a fluke game or a serious issue? This week will shine a good light on that I think. The other thing to look for is Melvin Gordon. Will he be as productive as last week? With fewer touches than Javonte Williams, he was way more efficient averaging 6 more ypc than Javonte. Will he earn a bigger role with how well he played last week?

  1. @ventura

How we got here: Turns out not even drafting funny names is enough to get a week one win. Kyler Murray tried his hardest to single handedly get this guy a win, but alas, Zeke said no. You know who would have said yes? Amari Cooper…but he was busy being on the bench. Oopsies

What to look for: Will he start an out Josh Jacobs? It’s honestly worth looking for. Another thing is will Zeke be himself this year? Or will the cowboys be content passing a million times instead?

  1. @ianamunrud

How we got here: You know that saying “Pride comes before the fall”…well, this is my fall. Overconfidence being punished by bizarre lack of production from stud players. Irony at its finest. This is my time to learn and improve. I will be better…but will my team?

What to look for: Are the Titans and Packers trash this year or are they going to bounce back? It’s a pretty simple thing to look for after Henry and Rodgers combined for fewer than 10 points…so I’ll just leave it at that.

  1. @IanC

How we got here: Fantasy football was like…you know what…we’ve had enough of the Ian’s winning. Part of this is my fault with winning last year. Ian was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of the league’s attack on my hubris. I’m sorry Ian…I did this to you…but you didn’t help by winning so many times and making it to the championship game so many times.

What to look for: Will the Jones’ keep up? Julio and Aaron combined for 5.1 points. That’s a big yikes. Will it continue or will they bounce back? Both Ian’s are hoping the titans and packers are bouncing back this week. Let’s go baby!


Alex v Melton: Battle of the Kyle Dog House Boys. Who will get out of the dog house first and help their team to victory?

Stock v Ian C: Battle of the Has Beens? Both expected to be high this season, but both in the bottom 3 so far…who will bounce back with a week 2 win? There can only be one.

Paul v Ventura: Battle of the Wildcards. Both these guys have wildcard fantasy strats. Which will pay off giving their team their first victory this season?

Jon v Chasen: Battle of the undefeated. Who will remain undefeated and take a commanding 2-0 start to the season?

Ian A v Garrett: Battle of the Traders. Whose former players will stab their former GM in the back and twist the knife? AJ Brown, Kittle, Henry v Stafford, Mixon, Taylor.