Weekly Wound Up (Week 3)

Alright y’all, hopefully these were enjoyable, because you’re getting another week of it! I’m gonna stick with the same format as last week, but if you have any suggestions/requests for something different just let me know! Been pretty busy this week so I didn’t get these out before the Thursday games (for the second week in a row), but here it goes!

  1. @Alex 2-0 242.5 PF

How we got here: This one is simple…karma. He was Mr. Dr. Nice Guy last week by helping Ventura out. And he himself got his second victory in a row and is top of the leaderboard.

What to look for: Well since this ranking is coming out after TNF the outlook is pretty easy here. Will his other players step up with CMC going down with only 4 points on the board. Which is hard to ask because of Red matchups pretty much across the board. But that’s only based on 2 weeks…so how accurate is that? Chubb, Thielen, Brady need to step up big.

  1. @jonathan 2-0 227.36 PF

How we got here: By breaking the hearts of the people and taking down the People’s Champion last week. It’s okay though, because who doesn’t also love Jon? The master of knowledge has been (SB) Sailing to victory so far.

What to look for: Is Cooper Kupp gonna put up another monster week? The guy has been unstoppable…it’s scary. Also Henderson injury is one to look for. If he’s healthy is he swapped in? Or is it Rondale Moore time?

  1. @chasenrogers 1-1 227.7 PF

How we got here: The confidence of the author’s boost in his power rankings has really helped him be in 3rd after 2 weeks. Really solid start to the season.

What to look for: Okay I’m putting the focus on one player and one general thing. The Player is Robinson, his snap count and overall touches went up from week 1 to 2. Will it go up again? Will he show how good he was last season wasn’t a fluke? The general thing is…this guy is going on vacay baby! Will there be any last minute injuries or surprise inactives that he won’t be able to see in time?

  1. @ianamunrud 1-1 226.12 PF

How we got here: Special shoutout to my man Chasen. Without his support despite a lackluster week 1, my team kept their confidence and bounced back big time week 2. If Chasen had dropped them down the power rankings more than just the one spot then they would have been crushed.

What to look for: I think this team so far has shown it’s a lot more wildcard than people thought it would be. Very boom or bust. Will the booms be big enough to make up for the busts? Will this team get complacent after the Thursday night “GG” from Alex??

  1. @IanC 1-1 219.48 PF

How we got here: Well sort of the opposite of my ‘how we got here’…this team got here based on motivation. Place this team last in any ranking and oooo they gonna get angry and show up. And show up big they did.

What to look for: Well so far this team has shown it’s lows and it’s highs and it’s only been 2 weeks. Essentially the thing to look for here is which week was the outlier. I assume this team will drop from last week’s score and rise from week one’s score, but which direction will it lead? QB choice is huge in determining that. My eyes are on Aaron Jones this week. 1 dud and 1 stud week. Which will we get for week 3?

  1. @awmelman 1-1 212.02 PF

How we got here: Melton dropped a bomb last week after getting top score to start off the season. And then his team decided they didn’t like cocky melton and so they dropped a dud week 2. Still in a playoff spot for now, but quite the drop from the top.

What to look for: I highlighted Sermon last week and he wasn’t used until Elijah was injured and then he came in and got concussed like right away. He’s cleared concussion protocol, Hasty is out, and Elijah is doubtful. WIll Sermon shine or disappoint? Also Gibson’s snap count and touches went down from week 1 to 2. Will that continue or will Washington finally utilize his skillset?

  1. @ventura 1-1 186…26 PF

How we got here: Big ups to Alex for giving the heads up to switch players. That switch was just enough points to win. Would be last right now if it weren’t for that. I honestly think the new emojis in slack helped too. Even though they came in after the week was up. The League knew…it knew…

What to look for: Zeke is an intriguing one to watch here. Week 1 was pass heavy, then in the run heavy game of week 2, Pollard was more efficient and Zeke didn’t quite have the production we expected. Will we see Zeke step up this week?

  1. @gbhart 1-1 174.36 PF

How we got here: Here’s what I think has happened here…Garrett saw how Ian and I got our terrible weeks out of the way and decided he wanted to get his out of the way early too. Smart…real smart!

What to look for: K. J. Osborn! He’s in the line up, were the first 2 weeks a solid expectation for upcoming weeks or will the vikes decide to feed Jefferson and Thielen more? Also…I’ve hyped his RBs since the beginning. Will Saquon and JT break out this week?

  1. @mikeastock 0-2 198.28 PF

How we got here: Honestly…just the wrong place at the wrong time. He was destroyed by an extremely motivated Commish team. This team is first in PA.

What to look for: Does AB being out with covid mean it’s gonna be vintage Mike Evans this week? Also…is Kamara gonna go off yet? After a pretty good week one, week two was a bust. But you still expect more than 15.1 from the guy.

  1. @PaulDawg 185.22 PF

How we got here: A little mix of Alex deciding he hates Paul all of a sudden and wants him to lose by reminding Ventura to replace Jacobs…and also going away from the wildcard strat. That last minute abandoning of Ruggs hurts…

What to look for: Is the Double TE all the way across the sky gonna work? It’s so intense. Also…Ruggs baby. He feels like the definition of boom or bust. Which will it be this week?


Alex v Ian A: Battle of the Old Man QBs: Will Old Man Rodgers be able to keep up with Old Man Brady?

Ian C v Chasen: Battle of the Young WRs: Devonta Smith and the Eagles are playing Lamb and the Cowboys. Whose WR will step up? Will one team get behind early and pass more?

Mike v Jon: Battle of the TEs: Kelce v Pitts. A lot of experts are suggesting Pitts will break out at any moment here. I think Jon really needs Pitts to step up. Meanwhile Mike really needs Kelce to be a stud as usual. This is the main thing I’m watching here.

Ventura v Garrett: Battle of Pittsburgh D/ST against Mixon: Garrett already needs Mixon to step up, but with Pitt D/ST starting for Ventura that’s a little added incentive. And positive points for your guy meaning negative points for the other is always a thing to watch.

Paul v Melton: Battle of the Daddies: Also battle of the questionable RBs. I think whichever team’s RBs step up is gonna get the dub here. Damo and Davo vs Gibson and Sermon.