Weekly Wound Up (Week 4)

So far this season has gone exactly as expected. Jon and Alex at the top. The Ian’s in the middle. And Mike without a win. Exactly as we all said it would be…just, um, don’t go look at those preseason rankings. Anyway it’s time for everyone’s favorite day…Tuesday! Where Chasen drops his power rankings. Too bad he’s on vacation and you have to settle for a Weekly Wound Up instead. Let me just ride this sweet wave of disappointment right into it.

  1. @jonathan 3-0 358.48 PF

How we got here: By perfecting all the strategies. Week 1 it was the spread the wealth with even distribution of points. Week 2 was the 1 stud, 1 dud tactic. Week 3 came in hot with the 5 studs, 5 duds tactic. Quite bold, but it’s obviously working.

What to look for: Will the Eagle’s OC continue to hate Miles Sanders? He only ran it twice last week. He averaged 13.5 ypc in those two attempts and they were like “Nah too good to do again, let’s throw (this game).” Another thing to look for is will Pitts blow up now that he’s on the bench?

  1. @Alex 2-1 341.68 PF

How we got here: Whatever Alex did to get to the top is wearing off. CMC went down and we got an all time early GG before the 2nd half of the Thursday night game. Maybe CMC refused to go on the Tom Brady diet? Alex you should call him up and tell him to get on that.

What to look for: With CMC likely out at least another week, who will step up? Brady and Chubb need to be at peak levels, but even that may not be enough. We need others to step up. Thielen and Aiyuk seem to be the best shots.

  1. @chasenrogers 2-1 339 PF

How we got here: Chasen saw what happened when Melton had his payback on Ian C. He did not want to receive the wrath of Ian C which is building slowly but surely, especially after Chasen put him last in his power rankings earlier this year. Chasen obviously gave the pep talk of all pep talks to his team. Wish we could have heard it.

What to look for: The Bears total yards last week were 47. David Montgomery had 55 yards. He is the Bears offensive focal point this season. A better game for the bears and he’s dominating. They play the Lions. Is Montgomery gonna eat?

  1. @awmelman 2-1 337.84 PF

How we got here: Ranked low in preseason rankings, then comes out top score. Then he rests on his laurels and nearly gets bottom score. However, that motivates him and he nearly gets top score again. Just call him Team YoYo.

What to look for: The trend suggests this will be a down week for him, but will his young RBs be able to keep up the momentum they got going from last week? Sermon finally did something. While he was unproductive on the ground, he did manage to score. Gibson also was unproductive on the ground, but managed to rip off a huge touchdown reception. This honestly feels like a TD dependent team. Will he get the TDs needed to win?

  1. @ianamunrud 2-1 332.26 PF

How we got here: Last minute belief in the Bengals. Had I not added Bengals D/ST last minute and played them instead of the Bucs or swapped in Chase for Cook, I would have lost and would be lower in the standings by a couple spots. In the Bengals we trust?!

What to look for: Here is a valid question. Are my studs actually studs? So far my best QB is QB19, Derrick Henry is RB1 but next best is POLLARD (lol) at RB19. His best WRs are obviously Chase (WR4), Hill (WR17), and Sterling Shepard (WR29.) Will his supposed studs rise back to the top?

  1. @gbhart 2-1 281.38 PF

How we got here: Justin Tucker is dabbing on everyone. How can you not win after that record setting kick happens on your team?

What to look for: Expectations going into this season were all centered around Garrett’s RBs. I myself thought of this team as a similar variant of Alex’s team. Good older QB, stud RBs, no WRs. Will his RBs be studs? Also, Christian Kirk has been quietly good this season. My eyes are on him.

  1. @IanC 1-2 322.86 PF

How we got here: Picking the wrong QB has been a trend for this team for a long time now. That’s still the case this year. Real talk though…this might be another YoYo situation. He and Melton might be YoYo Bros. Consistently top in preseason rankings, lowest score week 1, top score week 2, back with a loss week 3.

What to look for: The trend says he’s in for a win this week. I’m looking at his WRs this week. They were bad week 1 and 3, but pretty good across the board in week 2. With his QBs and RBs I think he’s in a place where if the WRs are good, his team is scary.

  1. @ventura 1-2 281.8 PF

How we got here Ventura obviously hasn’t sent any emails to his players, otherwise they would not be stinking as much as they have. A powerful email here and there might be helpful.

What to look for: Zeke is back?? He looked good, need to see that some more. Need Kyler to be back to his baller status (please no - 49ers fans everywhere). My eyes are on the Jacobs injury situation. Gruden really likes this kid. He likes to feed him. If he’s healthy that’s a big boost for this team…if they catch it in time.

  1. @mikeastock 0-3 293.4 PF

How we got here: Mike has been overwhelmed with lineup choices. And has been making the wrong choices. I dunno what the guy has got to do, but he can’t even buy a win this season. Well, maybe he can, but he hasn’t tried.

What to look for: This one is pretty simple. Will he make the right line up choices? Mike is 4th in Max Points for. So he’s leaving lots of points on the bench each week. Will a few more weeks of info be enough to allow him to make the correct decisions?

  1. @PaulDawg 0-3 252.76 PF

How we got here: Sometimes you gotta bust if you wanna boom. I think Paul is just setting up the underdog story here. I can’t wait for the ending.

What to look for: Will this team actually be “Better Than The Jets”??? So far…they’ve been equally bad. Both are 0-3. Will riding the 3-0 Raiders be the way to victory? Right now we’re looking at Carr, Waller, Ruggs, and Raiders D/ST in the lineup.


Ian A vs. Chasen: Battle of the Besties: Which team will be sad sighing? Will CEH be able to take 1 (or 2?) TDs away from Mahomes?

Ian C vs Ventura: Battle of the Different games: Other than Aaron Jones vs Steelers D/ST and Raiders K playing Chargers there are no other games where there are players on both teams. So I’m looking at the Aaron Jones vs the Steelers myself.

Alex vs Jon: Battle of the Top Dogs: The top of the standings facing off to see who will stay there or not. My eyes are on Thielen vs OBJ this week. Playing each other in what could potentially be a shootout this should be good. Or will game script favor one over the other?

Garrett vs Melton: Battle of the Defenses: Vikings D/ST vs Browns D/ST. Should be a fun game to watch to see not only which defense does better, but if Melton gets points from his Viking boys in Cousins and JJ.

Mike vs. Paul: Battle of the Defeated: 0-3 boys facing off this week to see who will be the lone defeated team. Russell Wilson Vs Lockett should be fun to watch. If Russ targets Lockett often this could be a fun matchup, but if Wilson favors other receivers or runs, this could heavily favor Mike.