Weekly Wound Up (Week 5)

Alrighty people! I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats just waiting for this week’s weekly wound up. As the season progresses, so shall this column. Thanks to Jon’s brilliant idea of NFL comparisons, I’m going to be trying something new instead of the “How We Got Here:” and try out “NFL Comparison.” It’ll basically sum up how each team got to their record by comparing their team to an NFL team with the same record (or if there is no same record, then a similar record.) I’ll keep everything else the same, so don’t fret! Now let’s get into it.

  1. @jonathan 4-0 457.8 PF

NFL Comparison: The only undefeated team in our league has to be compared to the only undefeated team in the league: Arizona Cardinals. Both have gotten to the top with elite QBs and elite Defensive play. Josh Allen has been tearing it up for Jon and he’s never gotten fewer than 7 points from his D/ST all season. Both of these teams are scary.

What to look for: Really wish I had gotten to this article before the TNF game, because I would have highlighted the double Rams WR play. This team has done that in the past with Landry and OBJ, but this time it was Kupp and Van. Instead I’ll highlight OBJ. Coming off of injury and with Landry out, it’s time for OBJ to step up. He only caught 2 of his 7 targets last week and has been quiet in his first two games back. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing if he can be the good ole OBJ of past years.

  1. @ianamunrud 3-1 468.58 PF

NFL Comparison: There are a lot of 3-1 teams to choose from so this is quite tough and while I’ll give a shout out to the defending champions Buccaneers, I’m going to have to go with the Green Bay Packers. After a tough week one performance both of these teams have come roaring back. Each beating (one of) my favorite team(s) along the way (Niners, Chasen) in heartbreaking fashion.

What to look for: Injuries are shaking things up for this team. With Dalvin being a game time decision will he play or will he sit? And if he plays…will this team sub him in? Meanwhile I’m looking at newcomer Dalton Schultz at TE coming in for newly IR placed Kittle. Was he worth the $19 spent on him?

  1. @awmelman 3-1 450.26 PF

NFL Comparison: I’m gonna go with the Bengals on this one. I think the Bengals and the Broncos are the two more surprising 3-1 teams currently. Went with the Bengals because this team has good WRs, some solid RB play here and there, but also sometimes disappointing. As a former Mixon Fantasy owner, let me just tell you that’s him. The QB play has been mostly good, but also isn’t quite as good as either team would hope. But the hopes are still high.

What to look for: It’s been consistently a focus on the RBs this season and I’m not changing that anytime soon. With Gibson playing with stress fractures in his shin, It’ll be interesting to see how good he’ll be playing through it. Also with Elijah coming back, how will the niner’s backfield shake out and will Sermon be worth starting?

  1. @chasenrogers 2-2 466.02 PF

NFL Comparison: Alright the next 4 team comparisons might be tough. There are 4 2-2 teams in our league and 6 2-2 teams to choose from. So forgive me Chasen, but I’m picking the Chiefs here. Both teams have gotten to this record with high points for and high points against. Flashy plays and a couple stud players, but it just hasn’t been enough to be better than 2-2. Also they’ve both been relying on Mahomes but it just hasn’t been enough.

What to look for: With Montgomery out for a while, it’s Fournette’s time to shine. Will he explode or will he disappoint. Also with back to back near 20 point weeks for Robinson will he repeat or slip back to being disappointing.

  1. @Alex 2-2 427.54 PF

NFL Comparison: I’m gonna go with the Niners here. After a quick 2-0 start, tough luck and injuries have combined to back to back losses for both teams. Both are missing their top RBs and also both teams hate Aiyuk it seems.

What to look for: Chubb has been pretty disappointing the past couple games. Will he bounce back this week? Also Jakobi Meyers time??? I’m interested to see if this is a genius play.

  1. @ventura 2-2 412.42 PF

NFL Comparisons: Shoutout to the Chiefs for being in the final last year and relying on stud QBs, but I’m going with the Titans baby. Both teams were so good last season and have gotten off to semi disappointing starts so far. They both are relying on stud RBs (Zeke is helping this team a lot.)

What to look for: After 3 straight 10-11 point weeks Keenan disappointed last week, will he bounce back? Also worth watching the Double Dolphins: Parker and Gesicki. Bold move against the bucs defense. I love it.

  1. @gbhart 2-2 388.68 PF

NFL Comparisons: I’m gonna go with the Bears here. Both teams are lower scoring, but have been finding wins. Both teams have injured star RBs, but have been leaning on the running game thus far which has only so far. But now the eyes are on the passing game going forward.

What to look for: I’m looking at the receivers this week. AJ Green has been quietly good the past few weeks, will he repeat? Also Jamison Crowder looked good in his first week back last week.

  1. @IanC 1-3 410.98 PF

NFL Comparisons: I’m going with the Vikings here. I think expectations have been high for both, but then neither team has lived up to it yet. The RB play has been pretty good for both, but the receivers have been sort of disappointing. Honestly both have just been surprisingly disappointing, but each with big wins for their one win of the season. I expect both teams to bounce back.

What to look for: As always, will he pick the right QB? Also…How will Tee Higgins look in his first game back after injury? I’m especially interested in that one.

  1. @PaulDawg 1-3 346.3 PF

NFL Comparison: I’m gonna go with the Texans here. Expectations were low for these teams going into the season and they’ve both been struggling a bit, but also have shown flashes of being able to win. Also both teams are really missing Deshaun.

What to look for: Will Golladay’s yelling payoff? After some disappointing usage, he got mad and yelled at the OC and then the next week he was thrown to quite a bit. Will he be used a lot again? Also looking at boom or bust coco loco too.

  1. @mikeastock 0-4 383.46 PF

NFL Comparisons: Well because of my stupid rules I set up for myself I only have two options here. The Lions or the Jags. I think I’m gonna go with the jags, because expectations were higher for them than the Lions. Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance, but overall it just hasn’t been enough. Also both of their point differentials are sad to look at. I expect to have better teams to choose from as the season progresses.

What to look for: Scary Terry has been a little boom or bust so I’m looking at how he does here, but I think all eyes are on Cordarrelle Patterson after the past few weeks he’s had. Will be interesting to see how he plays.


Ian A vs Paul: Battle of the Trading Buds: There is only one shared game. Daniel Jones and Golladay vs Schultz. Hopefully Saquon goes off and Dallas passes a ton.

Ian C vs Alex: Battle of the Receivers: Dionte Johnson vs Courtland Sutton. Will the game script favor one over the other?

Ventura vs Jon: Battle of the Stud QBs: Kyler and Allen have both been dominating so I think that’s my matchup to watch. If one falters it could open up the door for the other team to win.

Stock vs Garrett: Battle of the Cardinals Receivers: Who will do better, Hopkins or Kirk? While the easy answer might be Hopkins…Both have been close so far to start the season. Will one have a big game leaving the other in the dust?

Chasen vs Melton: Battle of the Young WRs: Metcalf has already played and dominated. However there is still the fun match up of Ceedee and D.J. vs JJ and Deebo. Which young WRs will help carry their team to victory?