Wicked Smaht Fun Fact....Thursday?

Sorry sports fans and fact aficionados! School some times takes priority over fantasy but we’re back with another week of facts that you may not have known (and may still not want to know). So week two has come and gone and some of us are confused as to what is going on with our favorite teams. Week one may be the time for overreaction, but week two is when true depression or false hope can set in. One thing we tend to overlook is that every team every year is a separate entity from the team the previous year. Key players get traded or retire, rookies make their surprising debut, or end up flopping like free willy (Trent Richardson, I’m looking at you). But what does history tell us? This week we investigate a little bit of history concerning early season records and playoff hopefuls, as well as other facts that you may not have thought relevant ( and honestly probably aren’t).

  1. Number of teams since 2007 that have made the playoffs starting 0-2? 4. Out of 59. That’s just over 6% probability over the last 4 seasons.
  2. Denver has started 2-0 every 4 times since 2007. They’ve only made the playoffs once (2013, duh).
  3. The 49ers had 16 penalties against them Sunday while the Patriots had 15 for a combined 281 yards. Those were the most flags penalized for both Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick in both of their careers.
  4. Chad Henne has been sack 13 times this season. Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are tied for second with 7 a piece.
  5. There have been 3838 total penalty yards accepted this season. There have been 22099 yards of offense.
  6. The Patriots are currently last place in the AFC East. They also have a positive point differential at +10, the only team in last place of their conference to be so.
  7. The Saints have only returned one punt so far this season. It was for -2 yards.
  8. The Jets lead the season in rushing, totaling 358 yards on 71 attempts.

Well fantasy gurus, that concludes another week of wicked facts. Check back next week when we dive deep down the rabbit hole and look into successful one time players, college → NFL transitions, and why I seem to torture myself every week looking these up.

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I respect @Alex and @ianamunrud 's dedication to weekly posts. They’re both super interesting to read and well thought out. I want to encourage @gbhart to write up another post. The insight is great! also props to @jonathan for getting devoted in making videos against his opponenet’s each week.

It’s this kind of stuff that makes the league a little more special. This isn’t just co-workers putting down 10 bucks or family members fighting one another, it’s a legacy. A dynasty, even :smile:

Keep up the posts! I don’t think I’ll ever find a league I’d rather be in with extra stuff like this!

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