Woulda Coulda Shoulda Week 3

The ranking by points for if people played the worst possible lineup (excluding injured/obvious non starters) They woulda had this many points if they had to play their worst lineup.

Garrett @gbhart 85.5
Charbonnet @IanC 60.1
Chasen @chasenrogers 54.4
Melton @awmelman 49.1
Amunrud 49
Alex @Alex 46.7 & Paul @PaulDawg 46.7 (TIE)
Stock @mikeastock 45.5
Jon @jonathan 41.9
Ventura @ventura 41

The rank of total points for played and benched players if everyone coulda played all players.

Charbonnet 214.4
Garrett 208
Chasen 195
Stock 175.1
Amunrud 175
Jon 154.7
Paul 150.8
Ventura 145.7
Melton 130.3
Alex 96

The ranking of teams (by points for) based on the optimal lineups they shoulda played.

Charbonnet 163.5
Garrett 140.5
Stock 129
Chasen 128.9
Amunrud 125.9
Paul 122.1
Jon 110.3
Melton 99.8
Ventura 90
Alex 77.1

FUN FACTs: SORRY ALEX this might hurt.
4 teams : Amunrud, Charbonnet, Chasen, and Garrett played a team that would have beat Alex’s whole squad (bench and all).
Also Garrett’s worst score was enough to beat Alex’s best.
Records this week of everyone’s posted team vs everyone’s best possible team.
Charbonnet 9-0
Garrett 5-4
Chasen 3-6
Amunrud 3-6
Stock 2-7
Paul 1-8
Ventura 0-9
Jon 0-9
Melton 0-9
Alex 0-9

This list ranks the coaches by order of smallest differential between the optimal and starting line ups.

Charbonnet -16
Garrett -17.8
Alex -19
Ventura -21.2
Amunrud -26
Chasen -26.8
Stock -35.7
Paul -36.2
Melton -40.8
Jon -45.1

Now this is proof that the manager of the week list is not accurate representation. I don’t want to do the work (even though it isn’t much more work) so if anyone is interested in making an improved manager ranking go for it. The most accurate way I can find is to subtract the lowest possible score from the highest possible score and do a percentage with the difference of posted score from best score divided by the difference of worst score from best score.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this week’s woulda coulda shoulda. Come back next week!

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It’s fun realizing how much a matchup was made based on a coaches decision and how much pain could have been/was avoided.
Makes you realize how much consideration goes into the lineup each week. I also love the coulda category because you realize how useful your actual team is. I know some of my players are on my roster for longevity, but I do need to maintain enough useful players to work with. Fun stuff!

— I think your fun fact meant Garretts *worst score would have beat Alex’s best.

I also love posted team vs. possible teams.
I think posted team vs. all other posted teams could be fun too. It brings up “well, if I had played any of those 3 teams, I woulda won!” or maybe “dang, I played the one person I could have beat”

Final note, @gbhart, HIGH FIVE! We each had a great week 3!

Thanks for the edit.

And I have plans for that around half way through the season!

High five indeed, Mr. Charbonnet. It has been a surprisingly good season for me thus far. Bye week explosion this week might bring me a loss, but hopefully put me at advantage going forward.

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That’s where I am at as well.
5 of my starting 10 players on bye…Let’s see my depth!

Not at all surprised to see I’m the worst manager considering:
Stafford 4.6 vs Bortles at 15.9 (coming in at the half!)
Kelvin Benjamin getting a TD in garbage time for 17.5 total and improving on his 2 receptions last week
The Titans getting WRECKED by the Bengals
Stevie Johnson exploding with >100 yards (first non-crab/boldin 49er to do it since 2010!) for 10.3
Blount getting 10 touches/1 TD late game for 17.8
Lacy getting a piss poor 2.5 against the Jets

Some pluses:
Played the right defense, played the #2/#3 RBs, #1 WR, and #1 TE on my team using 3 RBs, 3 WRs and 1 TE.