Woulda Coulda Shoulda Week 4

The ranking by points for if people played the worst possible lineup (excluding injured/obvious non starters) They woulda had this many points if they had to play their worst lineup.

Amunrud 90.5
Garrett @gbhart 90.4
Melton @awmelman 87.8
Stock @mikeastock 83.5
Ventura @ventura 56.7
Jon @jonathan 56.2
Charbonnet @IanC 48.9
Paul @PaulDawg 37.5
Chasen @chasenrogers 37.1
Alex @Alex 31.9

The rank of total points for played and benched players if everyone coulda played all players.

Jon 198.6
Amunrud 188.9
Melton 182.6
Stock 180.4
Garrett 157.1
Ventura 156.6
Chasen & Charbonnet TIE 146.5
Alex 138.3
Paul 129.5

The ranking of teams (by points for) based on the optimal lineups they shoulda played.

Stock 152.5
Amunrud 151.9
Jon 143.1
Melton 141.7
Garrett 141.5
Chasen 123.0
Ventura 113.3
Alex/Charbonnet TIE 107.9
Paul 106.8

I’ve been noticing that the best manager list has been inaccurate how I’ve been doing it. It hasn’t taken into account the fact that some teams have a better chance to manage (under the previous method) because their options are limited and their choices for good players obvious and others have a lot of good players and thus their options are easy because they’re choosing between 2 good and slightly better. But it doesn’t take into account bye weeks and injured players. Thus I have decided to change my method. The most accurate way I can find is to subtract the lowest possible score from the highest possible score (for each team) and do a percentage with the difference of posted score from best score divided by the difference of worst score from best score. Those with more bye and injured players will (often) have a higher woulda ranking since their options for busts are limited which will even things out. I also assume that there are probably many people out there who won’t read this or even care about it. However if you do read this and (more importantly) care, let me know your thoughts and opinions.

In terms of woulda coulda shouldas:
[(Shoulda-Posted)/(Shoulda-Woulda)] x 100 = Manager Score %.
The lower the %, the lower the mistakes and the better the manager.

So you can see the difference in ranking for new method vs old method I will have your ranking under the old method in parentheses to the right.

  1. Alex 14.21% (3)
  2. Garrett 16.63% (1)
  3. Melton 18.18% (2)
  4. Charbonnet 18.64% (4)
  5. Amunrud 22.96% (5)
  6. Jon 37.63% (8)
  7. Chasen 39.00% (9)
  8. Ventura 45.58% (6)
  9. Stock 45.80% (7)
  10. Paul 55.56% (10)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this week’s woulda coulda shoulda. Come back next week!


@PaulDawg & @ianamunrud & me = team consistent no matter how amunrud changes the formula.