Woulda Coulda Shoulda Week 6

The ranking by points for if people played the worst possible lineup (excluding injured/obvious non starters) They woulda had this many points if they had to play their worst lineup.

Garrett 79.6
Alex 72.6
Chasen 65.2
Melton 62.5
Amunrud 59.5
Stock 54.1
Ventura 47.2
Charbonnet 46.9
Paul 32.8
Jon 30.8

The rank of total points for played and benched players if everyone coulda played all players.

Garrett 210.0
Chasen 201.1
Amunrud 199.1
Alex 198.1
Charbonnet 169.3
Jon 159.1
Paul 146.3
Stock 143.6
Melton 134.2
Ventura 121.7

The ranking of teams (by points for) based on the optimal lineups they shoulda played.

Amunrud 154.6
Alex 146.3
Chasen 142.9
Charbonnet 139.3
Garrett 135.0
Paul 120.3
Stock 115.3
Melton 108.7
Jon 105.7
Ventura 103.8

A recap of the new system in terms of woulda coulda shouldas:
[(Shoulda-Posted)/(Shoulda-Woulda)] x 100 = Coach Score %.
The lower the %, the lower the mistakes and the better the coach.


Ventura 4.59%
Amunrud 19.66%
Charbonnet 25.65%
Paul 26.51%
Stock 27.12%
Garrett 37.73%
Melton 48.70%
Alex 53.46%
Chasen 56.24%
Jon 57.28%

Also I kinda want to be the list guy this year. So if you have an idea for a list that hasn’t been done yet shoot me a text/fb message or whatevs and I might add it to the list. :wink: get it…add a list to the list! oh man I should stop now.

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God dammit, I suck at picking my roster

Bum town, Jon. I thought I would be on the bottom of the list with how high my bench scores were this week, but I guess my starters scored enough to negate that.

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@gbhart According to my records, you’re the best team manager overall, as your actual score is within ~18% of your optimal nearly every week